Lingfield in old picture postcards

Lingfield in old picture postcards

:   Roger Packham
:   Surrey
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-4795-8
:   80
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

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69. This Edwardian view of Ivy House will appeal to pupils and former pupils of Notre Dame Senior School for it now forms part of the Sixth Form Centre of Lingfield's best known educational establishment, in St. Piers Lane. At the time of the publication of the postcard, Ivy House was the private residence of Philip Edward De Clermont.

70. St. Piers Farm, now part of the Hospital School, is shown here on a postcard by Jupp as it appeared in the early part of the century. It was then known as The Colony and was the home for epileptic children. The old farm house dates from about the year 1500 and was originally a four bay hall house.

71. Tbis handsome Georgian house which is now known as Maat Farm is shown here on a postcard dating from about 1912. It is visible across the fields to the north of Godstone Raad and the boundaries of three parishes meet within the house. Tbe maat has been largely fiIled in but the pond makes for a fine setting.

72. Starborough Castle appears on this Jupp postcard of about 1905. An impressive castle was built in the fourteenth century and demolished by Oliver Cromwell in about 1650, although the maat is still visible. The above house is strictly Starborough House rather than Castle and dates from the middle of the eighteenth century. Louis XII of France was a captive in the original castle after the battle of Agincourt,

73. The East Grinstead Photo Company produced this postcard of Haxted Mill which was posted in 1912. The weather-boarding makes the mill particularly attractive and it now serves as a museum of milling history and has its own restaurant. Haxted Mill House, beyond the mill, is much older than its Victorian appearance indicates. The building to the left of the picture has been demolished.

.'far/in, Photo, Edenbridge and Linufield, THE LINGFIELD PIERROT TROUPE.

74. Arthur Martin has produced a postcard of the local pierrots as they appeared in Edwardian times. Pierrots were French pantomime characters and itinerant minstrels with whitened faces and loose, white costumes and they enjoyed much popularity at this time.

75. Lingfield boys proudly display a Challenge Shield for their cricket prowess on another fine study by Arthur Martin. Cricket has a long history in this part of Surrey and a record exists of Lingfield beating London in 1739. Note the uniform shirts of the youthful Lingfield eleven.

76. It is appropriate that Arthur Martin's photograph of the Lingfield Fire Brigade, resplendent in their brass heImets, brings this selection of Lingfield photographs to a conclusion. The original fire station was housed opposite the oid Star public house and a photograph of it exists in Gordon Jenner's 'The Lingfield I knew' (1980).

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