Middlesbrough in old picture postcards

Middlesbrough in old picture postcards

:   Robin Cook
:   Cleveland
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-2806-3
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19. lt is popularly believed that winters were more severe in the distant past. The Tees was apparently frozen over on a number of occasions in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. There was skating on the river at Newport on Christmas Day 1860, and several times in January 1861. Other years when the river froze over were 1780 and 1784. In the Iatter year a sheep was roasted on the river at Portrack on St. Valentine's Day. This sailing vessel was stranded by the ice on the river, which apparently lasted from Christmas 1860 until the following March.

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20. An interesting scene along the river, with two paddle-driven tugs. The 'Harbour Mouth' is at Dock Point, which is ahead at the end of the promenade. Taken about 1910.



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21. Furnaces by the riverside opposite Doek Point. Two paddle tugs are moored on the far bank, and the timberyard of the Owners of the Middlesbrough Estate is to the right, Doek Point was clearly a p1ace to which people carne to admire the view!

22. A busy scene at the dockside in 1910, with coal wagons in the foreground, and two stearn locomotives awaiting transit. This card was sent to his girlfriend in Deauville, France, by an officer from the SIS 'Palermo', then docked in Middlesbrough.

23. A three-masted ship in the Middlesbrough Doek, surrounded by the usual array of interesting eranes. Posted in 1910, the card features the 'Caradoc',' registered at Aberystwyth. The provision of proper docking facilities was originally proposed in 1837, and excavation work began early in 1840. The doek opened for business in May 1842, and extensions were made in 1869, 1885 and 1898.

24. An interesting view of coal loading from rail wagons to ship in the Middlesbrough Doek, the ship being the 'Floddert' of West Hartlepool. A second coal hoist can just be seen in the distance on the original postcard, and the clock tower is on the right. Taken about 1910.


No. 104148

25. A good aerial view of the Middlesbrough Doek - which closed within the last few years - when in full action. Fourteen large cargo ships can be seen, as well as hundreds of associated railway wagons. Probably taken about 1930. Doek Point is just off the top of the picture.

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26. A general view of Queens Square, with the roadway being of cobbled structure, and the tramway passing through to the riverside. The Erimus Club (now replaced by Erimus House) and the Seamen's Institute (now replaced by Teesdale House) are on the right. The Tees Conservancy Commissioners Offices (built in 1899) are on the left, and the splendid National Provincial Bank of England premises (built in 1872) are in the distance.

27. St. Nicholas' Seamen's Church and Institute, in Queens Square, opened in 1895, having taken over the premises - originally built in 1856 - from the Congregational Church. Recreation facilities were provided at the Institute for visiting seamen, and sleeping accommodation was offered in Gosford Street (which lies behind the photographer). The horse-drawn gentlomen's carriages stand outside the Erimus Club building, frequented by the leading businessmen of the town and erected in 1873. The tramway lines can just he seen running across the foreground of the picture.



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28. Albert Road in the leisurely days of horse and cart. The card was posted in 1908. The tram is heading for the Transporter Bridge. Albert Road has clearly been the business centre of the town for at least the whole of the twentieth century. The shop on the right hand side with the white awnings is the original Newhouses, a drapers business which began in these premises in 1890.

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