Newhaven in old picture postcards volume 4

Newhaven in old picture postcards volume 4

:   Peter S. Bailey
:   Sussex, East
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-4699-9
:   80
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

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9. The smallpox or fever hospital at the very top of Church Hili at its junction with Meeching Downs (or 'Windmill Hili Down' as it is shown in a map of 1875). Built in 1906, it was known locally as 'The Pocky'. In the old Windmill granary beside the road, was housed the fumigation plant. Hopefully this was never used for it would seem there was no outbreak of the dreaded disease befor the hospital was sold in 1912 to Mr. E.J. Coker, the Headmaster of the boys school, who used it for a summer residence. Not only was it a retreat, but the grounds became quite a bird sanctuary. The Isolation (later 'The Valley') Hospital in the Lewes Raad, replaced this quite charming !ittle bungalow.

10. High Street at the junction with Meeching Road in probably the 1890s, for surely the only lady likely to be transported about Newhaven in a horse-drawn carriage at this period would have to be Miss Caroline Catt. A daughter of the famous miller at Tidemills, William Catt, she bought 'Meeching Place' from William Elphick in 1865. Although perhaps the uncrowned dame of Denton, she remained at her Church Hili Mansion until her death in 1895 when the house and grounds were sold to the order of Nuns who had the Convent built. On the right, out buildings of 'Wellcourt Farm'. Centre far, the roof ofthe school.

11. In the same area as the previous picture and looking the opposite way at a much later date, the early 1930s, we see what looks like Mr. Amy's taxi making its way down the High Street. The farm has long gone, so has Mr. Thompson's name on the facing shop. At this time the 'Cash and Carry' stores, we know it today as 'Parsons' the greengrocers.

12. Looking up the High Street from below the 'White Hart' this is a scene in 1880. Near Ieft is a wall of the barn which was demolished to build the first Barclays Bank. On the rightit seems someone is having a shave or a hair cut. Beyond these figures is the 'Blue Anchor' public house, with a glimpse of 'Wellcourt' farm in the left distance. The trees of 'Meeching Place' have been given a false skyline.

13. A charming picture of later years and looking down the High Street. The 'Blue Anchor' is now on the left and the first shop of the 'International Stores' on the right assures us that theirs is the finest bacon. Boots the chemists now occupy this site.

14. With S. Noakes occupying the shop in between, the next up on that side would have been that of Jas. Corbett. Here one could buy almost anything and especially old then, photos of Newhaven and some in velvet frames! What a wealth of nostalgia was to disappear down the weil at the rear ofthe premises. Here the closing down sale is being advertised in 1927. In the doorwayis Miss Browning (later Ingram). On the site was built Chemist and photographers shops with a hairdressing salon above.

15. The chemist shop of Mr. W. Tueknot which replaced 'Corbetts'. Mr. Tueknot also had a pharmacy in Bridge Streel. In this picture is a very young Victor Marmery, later to become a doctor; he was a son of one of the Cross Channel steamer Captains. On the right is Leslie Mann, who was to set up a partnership with Stan Burgess, which provided the town with two very respected chernists for many years. The new shop to the left was first occupied by J.J. Hill the photographer and was later taken over by Bob Smith.

16. From higher up the street, we look down at the scene in Corbetts days, notice no 'Freeman Hardy and Willis' shoe shop. Pegler is the butcher where now we see 'Dewhursts',

17. Looking down St. Lukes lane towards the High Street, the side wall of Woolworths today, would be on the left. The service bridge linked two of Barmisters shops. Apart from the houses of St. Lukes Lane which included 'Cairo Cottages' and 'Inkerman Cottages', there were 'St. Lukes Cottages' and 'Providence Place'. The area now occupied by the North Lane car park, was very much the heart of the old Newhaven.

18. 'Bollens Row'; these old cottages were off Newfield Road, in this rare picture they appear to be awaiting demolition. The present 'Jubilee Homes' were built on the site.

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