Newhaven in old picture postcards volume 4

Newhaven in old picture postcards volume 4

:   Peter S. Bailey
:   Sussex, East
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-4699-9
:   80
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

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59. The end of a drama and an interesting harbour scene of the 1930s. The Eastbourne lifeboat 'J ane Holland' brings into Newhaven a small cabin cruiser which had broken down, a happening much multiplied today! In the night berth, left, is the FrenchS.S. 'Rouen' or 'Newhaven' (theywere sisters) to the right, the S.S. 'Brighton' V. This fine steamer, as a hospital ship, was to be bombed in Dieppe harbourin 1940. The tug 'Foremost 22' rests at the usual stage, but near is the little oil barge 'Nitrogen', she carried the fuel Dil to the channel steamers.

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60. Empire day, 1912, a new Headmaster has taken on the boys school and the boys. Here they dutifully salute the national flag and no doubt pride in their country was instilled into them. Mr. E.J. Coker was indeed a very strict man yet it would seem that it was the fear of, rather than the use of the cane which kept this wild bunch under contro. It was twelve years later before I was to 'experience' this awsesome man, yet I have still to meet an 'old boy' who has not expressed great thanks and admiration to this dedicated teacher, small of stature , for the attitude to life he willed to his pupils.

61. The Boys School is now the Further Education Centre at the bottom of Hillcrest Road. Although the desks and gas lamps have long gone, it would still be easy to recognise this class room today. The year is about 1925 and the form class 111. The teacher is 'Gaffy' Hodges who commuted daily from Lewes. My head obscures the masters left thigh, the taller boy on my right is Ronnie Darter , he was to die in his teens. A few names come to mind, Power, Groves, Weller, Horscraft, Easton, Clark, Simmonds, Herriot, Healey, Vinall, Thompsett, Downs and of course so many more. Obviously the class is on its best behaviour, but even when the teacher had turned to the blackboard, to even flick a ball of paper was risky for one could be sure that E.J. Coker would just happen to be passing and look through one of those glass panes!

62. The Infants School, 1928-1929. Headmistress, Miss Howard. Leaning on the wall, left to right: Ivy Dunstall, Bernard White and Daisy Griffiths. Front row, sitting: Marjorie Weller andJoan Boniface. Second row:

Rayrnond Kelly, Roland Ireland and Fred Arnold. Third row: CyriJ Gates, Rayrnond Aikens and AJan Goldring. Fourth row: Walter Terry, Frank Vacher and Ernest Funne!. Fifth row: Doris Kennedy, Ronaid Parker and Chris Wiekenden. Standing at back: Charlie Ralph, Edna Lawson, Frank Lipscornbe (1), Bernard Vaughan, Gwen Gates and Kathleen Stevens. Sitting, right: Frank Jarnes and Gordon Beal. The site of this school is under the Southway ring road opposite the Police Station.

63. Newhaven ladies have had a hockey team from the 1930s, here we see a group from that period with an imposter, centre rear. He is Dl. Summerhayes, himself a great player in his day, and perhaps he was the Chairman of their club or just giving some tuition. he lived and had bis surgery at 'Saxonholme', Meeching Road. Many well-known names in this picture, I irnagine a certain Mrs. Slater is going to have a very busy time!

64. Newhaven Cricket Club, circa 1930. Members stand on the steps leading up to the old pavillion which stood where now is the Boy's Club at the southern end of the Recreation Ground. From left to right: E. Tipper, R. Hanaghan, G. Wherret, J. Ashdown, F. Larwill and R. Renville. Front row: umpire G. Williams, J. Strong, F. Noakes, G. Lower, D. Cook and Mrs. Ashdown (scorer).

65. From Hillcrest Road area towards Seaford on 24th July 191O! A most interesting picture. Many Camps have been held in this area and here we have members of 'H' Coy. 4th. The Royal Sussex Regiment, spread out on the hillside. To the right of the pond in the recreation ground can be seen the ice houses and chalk pit spinney. Fort Hill is just smooth downland. For the shipping buff, the steamer at East Quay, is the S.S. 'Normandy' or 'Brittany' which ran for about a year on a service to Caen. These should not be confused with the earlier passenger paddle vessels.

66. A similar view angle as the previous picture, but what a difference in content. This photo would have been taken during or just after the First World War. Near, can clearly be seen the two ice houses, for storing blocks of ice from the Scandinavian fresh water lakes, for distribution to butchers, fishmongers, hotels, large country houses and of course for making ice cream, all before the age ofthe refrigerator! Fort Hili is covered with army huts and the Drill Hall/Gymnasium has been built. To the left of the 'Stink pipe' by the 'Ark House' can be seen the letters Y.M.C.A. This hut was donated by a well-known family and was later moved up to near the old bridge/railway station area, becoming the 'Loder' Scout hut. The extent of Gibbon Road, foreground, is interesting.

67. When the soldiers march, everyone wants to join in, or so it wou1d seem from this picture ofthe 1930s. Led by Lieutenant Clayton Bannister the members of the local Territorial Army (R E) swing into Meeching Road from upper High Streel. The photo appears to have been taken from the steps of what is now a solicitors office, but to most of us, will always be 'Sid Clokes', the hairdresser. The Georgian house right, was 'Sussex Lodge'.

68. Inside the Drill Hall on Fort Hili (see pie. 66). The demolotion of this building was just one more loss to Newhaven from a facility point of view and it did not happen until the 1970s! With the army no longer responsible for its upkeep, it no doubt created some problem. As can be seen, it sported a small stage, an excellent floor, a balcony with a bar bebind and considerable seating capacity. Only this very day, a 'Iocal' said, or should I say, boasted, how he used to experienee the 'Last Waltz' at Moulscombe (Brighton) and still get to the Fort Drill Hall in time for another 'experience' there. He did not disclose bis mode of transport, but love is a many horse power thing!

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