Newhaven in old picture postcards volume 4

Newhaven in old picture postcards volume 4

:   Peter S. Bailey
:   Sussex, East
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-4699-9
:   80
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

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69. Here is a picture from the last war, which took 45 years to surface . It was brought over from Canada for the Dieppe Raid anniversary ceremonies in August 1987, by F/Lt. D.R. Morrison, one time of 401 Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Force. It shows the Newhaven based Air-Sea Rescue launch No. 177, about to turn and berth where we now see our lifeboat. The two curved roof sheds were burnt down in the 1950s. F/Lt. Morrison was the first Canadian pilot shot down during the Dieppe Raid of 1942, he was rescued from the sea by the crew oflaunch 177 and acquired this picture at the time. In August 1987, at the Ship Hotel, he presented his photograph to the Mayor, Cllr. Michael Harman, for display at the Museum.

70. Piddinghoe, late 1920s. From a bedroom window of the 'Royal Oak' public house, a cart load of hay is trundled through a traffic free and delightful village.

71. Still in Piddinghoe and of the same period, the owner of the then village stores, Mrs. Latter, engages in some Easter time marbie playing. In the background is 'High Barn' which has since been converted into two very smart houses.

72. Few will be unaware as to how the pond at Piddinghoe came into being. Clay it seems was used in the cement making process at the Lewes works. There was plenty of it to be had near the village six miles down river and how easily it could be transported by barge. This picture shows the motor 'tug' 'Southerham', an ex-naval pinnace , towing a load of the 'brown stuff up river in the early 19305. The barge is erewed by the Bennet brothers. In the background is Mount Caburn.

73. A lovely view of Denton in 1910. The grass triangle was known as 'Three Corners'. The village school can just he seen at the far left and 'Putland Cottages' to the right.

74. Perhaps a better known view of the attractive village, here we look down on Denton, with the school and playground on the right, in the centre, St. Leonard's Cnurch, with part of Heighton on the sky line.

75. The conneetion of Ralph Reader with Denton is known to most. It is hard to credit that the lad on the left would one day show his skills at Drury Lane and other famous theatres. His first job was as a telegram boy at Newhaven during the First World War, then he graduated to the Heighton Cement works as a boy clerk, where we see hirn outside of his office. Later he went to America with consequent success when he returned to England. His introduetion of the Scout Gang Shows and his special troop conneetion with Denton, give the locals every right to 'Ride along on the crest of a wave' or just to go 'Strolling' .


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76. It may seem rather unfair to Heighton, the village adjoining Denton, to forever use pictures of the chalk quarry and cement works which were once there, but on the other hand the Iocal product had so much to commend it. Fine structures Iike two viaducts in the west country, built entirely with the Heighton cement. Then there was the First World War, when the site and its buildings were used for a munitions works, so for those who would like to have a glimpse of industrial Heighton in its heyday, with not a caravan in sight, I will end this book with just such a glimpse. Thank you.

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