Newhaven in old picture postcards volume 5

Newhaven in old picture postcards volume 5

:   Peter S. Bailey
:   Sussex, East
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-4840-5
:   80
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

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49. What is a town without personalities? Here is one not likely to be forgotten and until so few years ago the Tewn's rnuch treasured window cleaner. Charlie Metcalfe. Always about in the High Street with his short little ladder, bucket and leathers. In this photo we see hirn as a station officer with the East Sussex Fire Brigade in 1962. His mother Annie was alocal councillor for 22 years until she retired in 1964. No surprise that an avenue was narned after her!

50. Standing outside of her little general stores in St. Luke's Lane is Mrs. Florence Arnold. The Lane runs across the back of the picture and behind the camera would have been St. Luke's Cottages which ran up behind the High Street at the rear of Funnels bakery etc. about 1956. The Northern end of St. Luke's Lane can be seenin volume2, picture 19.

51. St. Luke's Cottages, 'Victory Europe' street party 1945. Photos of such scenes in different streets are at the local Museum with many of the participants named.

52. No hesitation by Landlord Ashcroft to advertise all of the advantages gained by patronizing his Bridge Hotel, stabling, cyclists touring club and a steam launch for hire! The hotel was good enough for the exiled French King Louis Philippe and his Queen for their one night stay in 1848, so why not all of this on offer in about1913?

53. Riverside, north to south after the last war. A similar scene to that in volume 1, picture 58, but here the old brewery stores are being dismantled. Behind the lamp is the gents toilet with the Island Bridge left and a little of Sefton Terrace .

54. Turning one's back to the street lamp in the previous view the road now appears to come to a stop. The end on building is one of the cottages in Sussex Square, which backed into the river. The last premises on the left was the 'Blacksmiths Arms' public house after which the road turned sharply left into Essex Place winding its way until it reached the Lewes Raad at a junction with Elphick Raad. This is a continuance from picture 49, volume 4.

55. Moving a little further along Riverside here we have a scene from the 1920's-1930's. The group are opposite the 'Blacksmiths Arrns' the landlord sits astride his motor cycle with its acetylene lighting with his children around hirn. His son right is better known as Alan Lee, one time local turf accountant. The upturned half boat behind them was once the 'convenience' for the pub. (See volume 2, picture 20.)

56. Having made the sharp left turn in the road the next beyond the pub would be the blacksmith's shop, the roof of which shows to the right at the end of the footpath of St. Luke's Lane in volume 2, picture 19. On from here still on the left would rise a high wall which then turned left into Lower Place, this picture, where it decreased as ilIustrated. In this view the camera has reversed direction but we are still in Essex Place.

57. Turning round again and retracing a few steps, the high wall is on the left and turns into Lower Place, the cottages ahead are part of Essex Place with a little of Elphick Raad high up on the right. If we turned left at the end ofthis terrace there would be still more houses (volume 2, picture 21) with Follyfield also on the left befare reaching the Lewes Raad. If you have found your way, congratulations! The author is left totally confused!

58. A necessary refreshener! The West Pier signal station and lighthouse befare 1914. The raised circular seating area was known as 'The Band Stand'. There have been stories of dancing going on in the area. The most attractive lighthouse was built in the early 1880's. This historical society was involved in the rescue of the lantern top which has now been beautifully restored and sits on a most attractive base in the grounds of a local garden centre which bore the cast of the necessary work. Rear is the old east pier befare rebuild with concrete piles.

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