Newhaven in old picture postcards volume 5

Newhaven in old picture postcards volume 5

:   Peter S. Bailey
:   Sussex, East
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-4840-5
:   80
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

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59. Lighthouse to the previous West Pier. This one stood at the seaward end with a taller one almost opposite the 'Hope' Inn, After the dramatic developments at the seafront from 1879 on, this wooden structure was replaced by the concrete one as shown in the previous picture. It first moved to beside the lifeboat house and finally came to rest near the bridge hut north of the Missions to Se amen Chapel (now 'Mencap'). Here it is in 1961 with the 'Crown' Inn behind left and Bannisters, furnishers, right. Note the air raid siren on the pole left and the axe in the block below. With the ring road, Southway, due to pass through this site, this lighthouse was also rescued and taken to 'Tideway' School for restoration where it now graces the entrance. (See volume 4, picture 32 and volume 1, picture 45 for the last one. )

60. The sand beach, promenade and holiday chalets in the 1930's. An Indian style canoe which could have been carried down the steps. Near the end of the diff can be seen the roofs of the two 'Company Houses' (volume 4, picture 35). Jn the 1930's there was usually a large patch of seaweed at this beach, fortunately it was wetted twice a day so th at the odour was not serious.

61. Air view from the First World War. Corner of Denton Island near left, Washers wharf and Bridge Street, right. Army huts cover a large area where now is Parker Pen. A gas holder to the right and another on the west side of Railway Road.

62. A delightful study on the old hand turned swing bridge. Between the support structure on the left and the lamp beyond can be seen the upper part of the wooden lighthouse (this volume picture 59). The lamp has an early style lantern and was probably oil lit at this time. The complete lamp is in the Newhaven Museum but the top is different, most likely from when it became gas lit. Here the ornamental post is merged into a pole behind. Note the 'Crown' Inn, right.

63. Newhaven Town Station since electrification in the early 1930's. It must have been a very noisy existance in the cottage between the tracks and the exit path. Houses in Railway Road extended up to the Drove on the west side into the 1960's.

64. The 'Valentine' Pen Factory in Railway Road. Starting as Felix McAuley's in the early 1920's it was Ncwhaven's first real factory, becoming 'Valentinc' and since the last war, the renowned works of the 'Parker Pen' Coy, As one regards this photo it would seem th at the pioneers must have found the First Wor/d War huts most convenient!

65. Foeal point of sociallife for the 'Turkey Towners' was the Eastside Mission. Here we see a gathering outside in the 1920ยท1930's period. Many of the ehildren are still with us and ean he identified.

66. Playtime at Railway Raad infants school. Two of my nieces I remember used to come all the way from Southease. On reflection, I suppose that was easier than going to the nearest village school when they lived close to the Asham Cement works.

67. I have been reproached for rat her overlooking the Eastside, obviously far more pictures have been taken on the west side because most of the town is there and pictures of the harbour and the shipping have the light behind them. Here is a delightful dass of infants, 'Railway Road School, Group 2, Newhaven'. Should bring a wry smile to a few pensioners.

68. 'D' Day, 1944, the assault on Fortress Europe has started. Here we see supporting troops boarding their landing eraft for the beaehes. Cranes on East Quay are, near, the heavy lift fixed eleetrie, three redundant steam and into the distanee six electrie. One of these, with a modified cab is still positioned at the car ferry berth.

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