Northallerton in old picture postcards volume 3

Northallerton in old picture postcards volume 3

:   Michael Riordan
:   Yorkshire, North
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-5940-1
:   96
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17. Law's Grocers in 1891 was situated between the Cottage Hospital ('Vine House') and the 'Masons Arrns' - the site now occupied by the offices of an estate agent and accountants. The proprietor John Law is in the main doorway to the right and it looks as if he presided over a prosperous business. This would seem to be indicated by the fact th at he had two young female servants aged seventeen and !ifteen living on the premises who were obviously shop helpers.

18. On 28th January ] 893, a disasterons fire taak place at the Northallerton Linoleum Factory and for the last time in its long career the antediluvian Fire Engine daling back to 1736 was taken to the scene but was quite unable to take part in queJling the conflagration. It was soon replaced by a horse drawn Merryweather Steamer Engine which by 1899 had an amateur but well trained crew under the Captain, Dr. Tweedy. '1736' pictured here outside its Engine House down 'Tickle Toby' yard had done its best for over one hundred and fifty years and 110W was the 'butt' of jokes. The last of these was from a Town Councillor who said if it was advertised far sale only the British Museum would bid for it!

19. Northallerton Football Club 1896-1897 pose as folIows: back row left to right- Mr. I Peacock, N. Smithson, A. Thompson. E. Render. W. Dickens, W. Lee and A. Henrici. Front row left to right - A. Crow, IC. Reid, F. Hide, G.H, Rider and G. Whittaker. They were the most sueeessful team of their generation winning all the cups this season: Milbank Senior. Milbank Junior and Elliott Bowl. The Jast named was for the Richrnondshire League and as they won it for the third successive time they held it outright, the League eeasing to funetion with no trophy at stake. After two footbalJing moribund years Northallerton F.c. re-presented the Elliott Bowl to the Richmondshire League which again flourished.

20. This scene is of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations in NorthaJlerton in 1897, featuring the procession which went down the High Street to the Friarage 'Show-field'. It is noticeable that the bicycle was now most popular, and that Mr. Macauley ran the 'Harewood Arrns' (now the 'Tickle Toby') which sold Baxter's Old Particular from the Thornton-le-Moor brewery. TheJubilee Day was sopopular that the 'Darlington and Stock ton Times' stated 'Altogether the day was the most rnernorable day of general enjoyrnent that has been known in Northallerton.' The town was gaily decorated, and the Volunteer Band and the Boys Own Drum and Fife Band led the procession representing all the societies, groups and sports. Highlights of the day we re tea for all at the Town HaU on 61 trestie tables by continuous sittings ending with the 'tramps' and the beacon fire and fireworks up Bullamoor where seventeen cartloads of wood were led for the bonfire. the ignition of which was watched by hundreds who had trecked 10 sec this.

21. The 1st Volunteer Battalion of the North Yorks Militia was at Redcar in annual camp when the officers were photographed in 1901, back row left to right: Dorman. Loekwood. Stanley, Darington. Centre row left to right: Rev, Holrnes, Alfred Gaat. Hamilton, Front row left to right: Bell, Caffin. Northallerton is weIl represented by: Lieutenant Caffin who had recently returned a wounded hero from the Boer War; Reverend Holmes the Chaplain to Northallerton Gaol and a 'crack shot'; and Quarter Master Alfred Gaat a real Northallerton 'character' who had risen through the ranks to become an officer. The younger officers were to become embroiled in the 1914-1918 War with the 4th (Territorial) Battalion the Yorkshire Regiment (Green Howards).

22. A very proud group of boys gather around their National School teachers in 1903 for they had just won one of the highly competitive classes in the SwaledaJe Tournament of Song 1903, obtaining First Prize with the 'Action' Song, 'Jolly Eskimo', The Swaledale Tournament of Song was very prestigious musically and lasted for two full days being staged at Northallerton and Leyburn at different times.

23. On May Sth, 6th and 7th 1904 one of the greatest Yorkshire County Cricket XIs ever. captained by Lord Hawke, came to playa Northallerton and District Eighteen at the Northallerton cricket ground adjacent to the North Riding County Hall then under construction. Fourteen ofthe Northallerton team are captured here in the photograph that onlyrecently came into the possession of Northallerton Cricket Club from Dorchester. Over a thousand spectators watched each ofthe first two days' play but the last day was raincd off and the game ended in a draw. Scores: Yorkshire 184 (Hirst 50. ES. Jackson 43. E. Theakstone 3-47) and 117-7 (Lord Hawke 32). Northallerton 18-126 (Rhodes 12-21). Teams: Yorkshire - Lord Hawke, Brown, Tunnicliffe, Denton. Jackson. Wilkinson, Hirst, Rothery, Rhodes, Haigh and Hunter. NorthaJlerton - T. Sellars, J.H. Ward, J.H. Featherstone, W. Bradley, W. Homer, and P. Hulton (Northallerton). C. Atkinson (Leeds), R.S. Leather and A.c. Barker (Harrogate), W. Featherstone and C. Bulmer (Redcar), T. Smith (W. Hartlepool), E. Theakstone (Masham), H. Wray (Ripon), D. Firth (Thirsk), G. Lawson (Pudsey). R. Frank (Pickering), R. Thursfield (N. Ormesby).

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24. The Wensleydale Pure Milk Society was started in Northallerton in 1905 and th is is an early advertising print. Under different auspices it has now survived for nearly ninety years which is a tribute to the management, the produets and the prolifrc dairy production of the local area. Iaced with a highly cornpetitive marketing climate. Aftel' its first phase it becarne the Dried Milk Products (DMP) and then Cow and Gate betere in the 1960s becoming Unigate with the mergel' of Cow and Gate Limited and United Dairies Limited. In 1965. 20 to 30 thousand gallons of milk were being received daily. The factory is sited adjacent to the railway which was used for the collection and distribution of milk (especially betere the dernise of the Wensleydale-Northallerton railway line in the 1960s) which was gradually taken over by toad-bome milk tankers. The complex is now occupied by the Eden Vale Food Ingredicnts Factory, which is part of the Northern Foods Group.

25. It seems that th ere was a form of uniform in the early part of the twentieth century at the Boys National School judging by this class, so srnartly dressed for their group photograph taken in 1906 by AJ. Mahomet of the South End Studio Northallerton. The class is all male because the Natiemal Schools were single sex, boys and girls went to seperate schools unti11912, when the schools becarne 'mixed' in a unified National School. The photograph was taken at the back ofthe school in the playground.

26. In 1907-1908 Northallerton F.e. won the Allertonshire League and with it the winners trophy the Elliott Bowl which they proudly display here. The full party was as folIows: Committee back row: Jack Grainger Wood (gateman), Herbert Willoughby (gateman), Walter Tweddle, Fred Willoughby, Alan Kitching (secretary), George Ratcliffe, George Wynn (groundsman). Team: back: Tom (Ginger) Wilson, Joe (Potty) Wilson, Johnny Cowell. Middle: Jimmie Cummins (linesman), Roland Foster, Ted Simpson, Charlie Hulton. George Tweddle. Tommy Tweddle, Billy Dunford. Front: Arthur (Mick) Hogg, Joe Taylor, Billy Taylor, Bob (Darky) Fawcett.

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