Northallerton in old picture postcards volume 3

Northallerton in old picture postcards volume 3

:   Michael Riordan
:   Yorkshire, North
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-5940-1
:   96
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

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27. An unusual view of the cast of Northallerton is gained on this posteard by it being photographed from the Parish Chureh tower. Fronting theHigh Street are the house ealled the 'Friaragc' (now Northallerton Police Station) at the bouom, the 'Maison Dieu' (in front of the Methodist Chureh) and the profuse vine on the Rutson hospital ('Vine House'). Bullamoor is clcarly seen with only one house visible - 'Elm House' - whereas now the whole area has been housed alm ast to the horizon. The postcard was sent by Miss Janet Gutbrie of 30 South Parade to Miss Louise Beal Ebor House, Brompton on 18th October 1913.

2B. A young girl staying on holiday at Northallerton from Cumberland wrote this postcard to her parents in the early part ofthe century. She described the town carnival which is portrayed here in procession on its way to the 'Showfield' (now part of the Friarage Hospital) but adds th at she did notgo to the dance at night! There is a paneramie view of the east side of the High Street with the 'Black Swan' and 'Three Tuns' public houses prominent but now no more, unlike the ageless 'Golden Lion' at the extreme ofthe scene. The postcard dates to the first decade of this century,

29. Jack Cowell was one of the best and fairest umpires in the area where cricket was fiercely cornpetitive, his judiciousness bcing recognised not only by Northallerton e.e. who he 'stood' for but also by their opponents. Here Jack on the extreme right is in famiJiar role umpiring for the Northallerton e.e. team around 1930. The late G.F. Hird is sixth from the left - he owned Hird's Chemist Shop (now Griffiths, chernists). Judging by the trophy the team which is grouped in front ofthe pagoda pavilion on the old cricket ground next to the County Hall has won the York Senior League in which they cornpeted.

30. Jack Cowell was also a fine footbaJler, playing around the turn of the century, and in this role he once participated in a most unusual situation. Here secoud frorn the left on the back row he stands with a football team before the First World War - no, not in Northallerton but in Bilbao, Spain! It seerns he had been sent abroad to teach the Spanish how to play football and this unique assignment was arranged and paid for by the bank manager. It took four days to get to Bilbao and the same time to journey home. He stayed for six weeks in his coaching/playing part which is unparalleled in local sporting experience.

31. The Council Chamber of the North Riding County Council at the County Hall, Northallerton is seen here in its resplendence in 1910, where an impression of its excellently appointed room and dignified atmosphere is gleaned. Every important County decision in the last eighty years of the North Riding and North Yorkshire has been taken or ratified here. Since 1918 six Colours of the Green Howards 7th, 8th, 10th, 12th, 13th and 16th Battalions have hung in the Council Chamber because these Battalions were all disbanded in or at the end of the First World War. They are a constant reminder of the bravery in and the great sacrifices made in the 1914-1918 war both by the Green Howards and the North Riding. Also they represent a proud record of these 'Enlisted' Battalions who mainly volunteered for the bloody battle, fought in every theatre of war and whose members obtained five Victoria Crosses. (Photograph:

North Yorkshire County Records Office EE/16/103/f.)

32. The series wouldn't be the same without a car and here we have a pre-1914 twelve-horse-power Rover which was owned by Tom Smirthwaite's garage which operated down Romanby Road and then at the east si de of the High Streel. Evidently Alfred H. Holmes of Brompton learned to drive with this car.

33. Nathaniel Russell's tempting café and very ample grocery provisions store are secn here in 1922. His father of the same name was a grocer before him and he also kept cattle and horses in the fjeld next to the Applcgarth, a habit carried on by his son Nathaniel junior whose brother was an eminent banker in the town. Russell's Café was for over thirty years the social mecca of the tewn's young and old alike sa that its closure in the 1960s was signalled with profound regret throughout the town. Super Drug and Barker's Harvest Kitchen Café now occupy the ground premises of the site.




Afternoon T eas. High T eas- Refreshmenls. Smoke Room.


Tel. 16.



34. This view ofthe west side ofthe High Street in 1922 with Nathaniel Russell's Café and shop in the foreground, emphasises that cars were not yet the vogue - without a car in sight - but harses still certainly were with Russell's delivery horse and covered waggon patiently awaiting its laad. Most interesting toa is the cobbied aspect of the High Street with asphalt pavements and the fact that William Barker now has his draper's shop solely to himself with Oxendale na langer in partnership. From th is single shop developed the multi-store 'Barker's of Northallerton' which now occupies most of the High Street shop frontage seen here.

35. This is a photograph of a little known football club which played at Northallerton in 1922 entitled Northallerton Malpas Junior Football Club. They appeared to play at Malpas Road and could have been connected with the Miles Sykes Football Club. which represented the 'Lino' Factory.

36. There were several drapers in Northallerton during the 1920s including WilJiam Barker, John W. Clapham and John Cotton whose hosiery and drapery store is seen here in very weIl appointed state on the west side of the High Streel. John Cotton is on the left of the group and his shop carried on successfully until the Secoud World War.

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