Northallerton in old picture postcards volume 3

Northallerton in old picture postcards volume 3

:   Michael Riordan
:   Yorkshire, North
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-5940-1
:   96
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

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37. An interesting study of Langton's Hardware Stores in the 1920s features Albert Raper at the front of the shop. Albert worked for Langtons as an ironrnongcr for many years and was the matemal grandfather of Mrs. Avril Bland, The whole building was Northallertori's Tithe Barn where corn and other tithes were brought and stored for the church. Now the 'Tanner Hop' Restaurant and Bar occupies the site.

Langton & 500, General and Builders' Ironmongers, Iron,

Lead and Glass Merchants,

Beg to draw your special attention to their large and va ried stock of


I~CLUI>1:'() . cuorc« SELEC'fTO:' (>I,'






Joiners' and Builders' Tools of every description.


LANGTeN & sex,

The General Hardware Stores, N0RTHllLLERT0N.

38. 'Smithson's Northallerton Almanack' of 1912 carried this advertisement for 'Langton and Son' which complements the previous study of the store and Albert Roper. The title bad a sad connotatien because tbe son, Benny Langton. was killed at the front with the Green Howards in 1915 - typical of the Nortballerton losses in the two world wars. Other advertisements in 'Smithson 's' inc1uded Lewis and Cooper, Oxendale and Barker, J.M. Porter and Son (jewellers), w.R. Smithson (stationer) and several emigration notices.

39. In the 1920s this rnagniticcnt shop, Hardistv's Fruiterers, stood on the site exactly adjacent to the south of the 'Centra!' Cinema. 'Hung' rabbits and game outside the shops were then the general practice and Fry's and Cadbury's were advertised even then. George Hardisty is on the !eft of the shop and on the right stands the proprietor Frank Hardisty, the materrial grandfather of the Weighells: Elma (Mrs. King), Brenda (Mrs. Lea), Maurice and Sidney - the latter being the nationalleader of the National Union of Railwaymen for severa! years.

40. Northallerton Grammar School's full staffis assem bled for this group photograph, taken atthe front of the school in 1923 with Hall T. Palmer MA (Cantab) BSc in the middle of the seated front row. The names of the staff were not recorded but two octogenarians, although young at the time, have recalled most of them: back row left to right - 4th Miss Roberts, 6th Mr. Fraser, 7th Mr. Hodgson. Front row seated left to right -1st Miss Dolly Dean, 2nd Mr. Vernon, 3rd Miss Whittaker, 4th Hall T. Palmer (Headmaster), 5th Mr. Derek, 6th Miss Jackson, 7th Miss Perry Perret. Sitting lef! to right - 2nd Miss Turner. The size of the staff indicates the number in school which averaged around 150 pupils - a few of these had free entry scholarships from thc North Riding Education Committee but the great majority were 'paid for by their parents. This system ended with the 1944 Education Act which brought to the school only those successful at the 11 + examination. Of the first such entry in September 1945, sixteen students came from the National School at East Raad, including the author.

41. Sir George Elliott M.P. had been the driving force bebind the Northallerton Brattice Cloth. Tarpaulin and Linoleum Factory from 1880 onwards and in the new century Miles Sykes became the owner. For a while the factory flourished which is probably reflected in the success of the works football team pictured here in 1924-25 when they won the cup competirions to carry off the Orde Powlett and Murrough Wilson cups. The Miles Sykes Athletic F.e. obviously went out of existence when the factory closed in the 19305 with all the workers becoming redundant.

42. Year 6 of the Northallerton National School or Church of England School pose smartly for this photograph taken in 1923. One of the most significant factors is that the composition of the class indicates that the school has changed frorn two seperate Boys and Girls National Schools to one unified National School with 'mixed' classes of boys and girls. This c1ass appears to be JO to 11 years old but of course in th osc days only a few would leave at eleven to go to the Grammar School and the large majority would stay at the National School ~ then classed as an Elementary School- until fourteen years of age.

43. In July 1926 Princess Mary (later Princess Royal), the only daughter of King George V and Queen Mary, came to Northallerton to inspeet the North Riding Red Cross at the cricket field (then at Broomfield). Ibis was a particularly affectionare occasion because the Princess' husband was Viscount Lascelles M.e. who had been Richmondshires M.P. from 1910 to 1921 and had served in the local Regiment, the Green Howards, with distinction in the Great War. And the ties of Northallerton and the Lascelles (later the Harewoods) could not have been closer since the marriage of Margaret Metcalfe of Porch House with Daniel Lascelles at Northallerton Parish Church back in the seventeenth century. Here the Urban District Council and their guests are waiting in the Market Place to officially greet Princess Mary, with one of their wives ready to present a bouquet offlowers. Captain Woodhead is the courreillor third from the left of smaller stature.

44. The late Mr. Len Bennett of Brompton Road, Northallerton is here seen in thespian pose as the 'Lord High Chancellor' in 'Iolanthe' produeed in December 1927 by the 'N orthallerton Operatic Company' and whieh played to paeked 'houses' in the Town Hall. In the 1950s he played the role again for the 'Northallerton Operatie Society' - and sa the part can be truly stated as 'his' in twentieth eentury Northallerton. Len was indeed a great 'trouper' on the Northallerton amateur stage for he also aeted in numero us plays and variety produetions.

45. The Armistice Day Parade on November 11th 1928 has just left the Northallerton War Memorial after the open air service around it, including the observance of two rninutes' silence at the eleventh hour in the morning in memory of the fallen in the First World War (1914-1918). Bugiers played the 'Last Post' and the 'Reveille' at this very sad and nostalgie occasion which was being mirrored in cities, towns and villages throughout the nation. Here the front of the parade, led by the 4th Battalion of the Yorkshire Regiment (the Green Howards) who had suffered colossal war casualties, has passed and we have the Old Comrades followed by Northallerton Boy Scouts and Girl Guides. An interesting aspect is that the parade is passing the 'Central Cinema' the pillar of whieh can just be seen at the top left hand side of the photograph - th is is now the entrance to the Applegarth Car Park, the 'Centra!' having been demolished in 1962 ra aeeommodate th is road.

46. The shop of W. Petch 'Decorator and Painter is clearly seen on this postcard. It was situated on the west side of the High Street nearing the Parish Church and it was here that Percy Humphrey, who was a gifted sign writer in Northallerton for many years, started his painting apprenticeship on 6th May 1929. Subsequently the shop was modernised by T. Jackson and it is now in the possession of the very well established business of H.R. Nelson and Son, electrical contractors.

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