Northallerton in old picture postcards volume 3

Northallerton in old picture postcards volume 3

:   Michael Riordan
:   Yorkshire, North
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-5940-1
:   96
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

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57. The North Riding Court House has just been erected in 1936 and here workmen are completing thc Racecourse Lane surrounds, Quarter Sessions had been held in the old Court House next to the Northallerton Gaol at the end of Zetland Street since 1785 and these were now transferred to this new building where they remained until the Courts system changed in the 1970s and Quarter Sessions we re phased out. Of other interest: Racecourse Lane was a minor, narrow country lane until the North Riding buildings were installed: the iron railings were soon taken down in 1940 along with nearly all such railings in Northallerton as part of'the 'war effort" to make weapons. (Photograph North Yorkshire County Records Office - EF 159/2.)

58. In 1937 this Northallerton National School troupe gave a Concert at the Church House. All the names have been supplied by mernbers on the postcard and four of the girls later married Royal Canadian Air Force men and settled in Canada. Front row left to right: loan Garden, Norma Longstaff, Dorothy Cowell, Jean Coates, Edith Cossins, Pat Ward, Joan Simons. Mary Cornforth, Betty Carter, Doreen King. Doreen Thompson. Second row lelt to right: Connie Jackson, Dorothy Thompson, Margaret Hutchinson, Mary Hullah, Phyllis Wildon. Sylvia Brown, Mary Adams, Elma Weighell, Dorothy Grunge, Nora Jones, Audrey Nicholson. Third row lelt to right:

Ruth Eyre. Ruth PI ace, Isobe! Dodsworth, Lulu Smith, Ruby Sawdon. Marion PI ace, Phoebe Megginson, Edna Walker, leun Jackson, George Hepplestone, Mary Brinkley, Phyllis Metcalfe, Edna Grange. Mary Bowe. Back row left to right: Hubert Robinson, Geraid Cranswick, Brian Riordan (author's brother), Robert Stafford, Ivan Humphrey, Kenneth Pass, Derrick Jackson, Kenneth Boon.

59. A Coronation Day scene respecting George VI in] 937 sees Mrs. Rhoda Hadden and Mrs. Ada Alderson - third and fourth from the left respectively -outside the 'Nags Head' with sorne castorners. Ada and Rhoda were joint licensees of one of the most popular pubs in town where beer was served from the cellar in foarning flagons and which boasted its own bowling green. They were the daughters of William and Mary Wright who took the licence in the 1890s where it remained in the family until Ada retired in 1960.

60. This photograph ofthe purposeful North Riding NALGO (National Association of Local Government Officers) cricket eleven was taken in 1938. around which time thcy were very successful winning the Robb, N orthallerton and Thirsk knock out cups. 111e team walking out here is: Ken Palrner, Arthur Stephenson (captain). Albert Gaskell, Alan Pearson, Denis Hockney, Frank Lowther, Walter Couling, Tom Errington, Sam Wilkinson and Maurice Morley, The team were paraeling at Northallerton Cricket Club's field where the pagoda-shaped pavilion and the 'score-box' seen alongside we re situated in the south cast corner - approximately now the Thornley Road entrance 10 the County Hall Car Park. Finally most noticeable are the clear fields and rural aspect of the scene, as opposed to the present where this area of Broomfield has been mainly built upon sin ce the Second World WaL

61. South Parade viewed from south to north in the 1930s on this postcard shows the 'Station Hotel" of 'Tom mie ' Hogg prominentlyon the left and the 'County Hotel" shrouded by trees on the right. Soon the 'Station Hotel' became called the 'North Riding Hotel' and the 'Railway Hotel" nearer the railway station acquired its present name of the 'Station Hotel' - making three narnes in all for in N orthallerton Races days it had been the 'Horse and Jockey'! Formerly since the nineteenth century the 'County Hotel' had been the 'Temperance Hotel" and later it was sold to the North Riding County Council and occupied by the County Social Services Department.

62. As in Volume II the Applegarth School are pictured hard at work again under the watchful eye of Miss Weighcll, the long serving Head-Mistress known to numerous ex-pupils along with such teachers as Miss Annie and Miss Connie Wilson. This postearel belengs to the J 930sjust befare the schooladopted' H.M.S. 'Hood' the famousBritish battle-cruiser in 1939, with the students knitting and sending ship's 'comforts', books and letters to individual sailors of the crew of over two thousand men. Great was the sadness and sorrow of the children and staff wh en the 'Hood' was sunk by a direct hit in J 941 with the loss of all but three of the crew.

63. A postcard of the start of the Northallerton Carnival in the 1930s features two twins in their extensive perambulator both seeking solace from 'dummies'! People derived great pleasure from such humour in these days but similar active participation does seem a thing largely of the past. In the background are the North End Lodging House with a title above the front door and farther along is the name board of Walter Thompson Buildors - the embryo of what today is a very large construction operatien.

64. In the nineteenth century this was a doctor's house but later an amalgam of busmesses were located here. Down the yard at the rear were ncwspaper offices and at the front was Richardsori's Hairdressing Salon above which were the offices ofM.W. Darwin and Sans Estate Agents, Auctioneers and Valuers, The latter had much business with the farmers and Maurice Darwin, the founder of the firm, was a man of many parts and abilities. At the General Election of 1945 he stood Ior Parliament for the Liberals and though he was unable to defeat the incumbent MP Thomas Dugdale, who had solid Conservative support, in a Jour corriered contest he came second and polled more votes for the Liberals than anyone since 1906.

65. King George V Jubilee in May 1935 was ceJebrated in Northallerton with a day's holiday and a procession which is seen wending its way from the north to the south end between the air stalls and swings which are in town far the occasion. In the background the pillars of the 'Central Cinema" and its frontage are seen where the raad to the Applegarth Car Park now runs from the High Streel.

66, In the late] 930s Albert DiPalma is seen on this postcard with satisfied ice-crearn custorners outside the 'Golden Lion' at Northallerton, His three-wheeler bike proclaimed the Diploma they had won for their ice eream at the Crystal Palace in] 935, The DiPalmas came from Bishop Auckland and after the Second World War Albert's elder brothers Tony and Thomas ('Mazzi') came to Northallerton permanently and set up successful businesses in the town. But the story has a sadend - Albert was killed in action during the 1939-1945 war serving with the Green Howards.

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