Otley in old picture postcards

Otley in old picture postcards

:   Paul Wood
:   Yorkshire, West
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-5324-9
:   80
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

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19. Manor Square cl900 in a photograph probably taken for William Walker & Sons. Market Day 1.45pm with a wide variety of horse-drawn vehicles. On the left are the BIue Bell Hotel, Robinson's draper's and the Buttercross beyond. On the right is the gable of the old 17th century Black Horse Inn, shortly to be replaced with a new and fashionable hotel.

20. James Ternpest's butcher's stall in Otley Market Place c1912. The Tempest family traded and worked from shops, stalls and slaughter houses in Boroughgate, New Inn Yard and Market PJace. The site of their stall in this photograph, to the north-west corner of the present Buttercross, was aJmost exactly th at oftheiroJd butchers' shambJes demolished in 1872.

21. W. & E. Turner, ironmongers at Market Place , lower Kirkgate, about 1910. Turner's splendid new 1899 store designed by Alfred Marshall with first and second floor showrooms, workshops and stables, replaced their old shop at the Church Gates. Cu stomers could inspeet an astonishing array of hardware from butchers' cleavers to specially cast kitchen ranges and mangles.


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22. Kirkgate looking north about 1909 showing Scales & Sons, boot dealers to the right, followed by Nathan Secker's refreshment rooms. Down the street is Mande, fruit, fish and game dealer, with Joseph Barber, tobacco manufacturer, next door. Towards the end of the 19th century Barber had achieved farne by having his own tobacco fields and factory in Providence , Kentucky. A George Brown original photographic card.

23. The corner of Kirkgate and Bondgate about 1889. In the right foreground is the shop window of Robert Richardson, grocer and provision dealer. Joseph Wood's tailor's shop is immediately opposite in the row marking the ancient encroachment at the church yard edge. Israel Todd of North Parade was the Otley photographer supplementing his job as assistant overseer .

24. The junction of Kirkgate and Bondgate about 1925. Kirkgate fisheries abuts on to the public urinal at the church gate with gable advertisements for Walker's Printerdom and the Wharfedale Ob server. Fred Pickering, draper, is at 77 Kirkgate with Neal Brothers, motor engineers, alongside.

25. Dernolition of the row of seven houses on the Kirkgate front of the church yard did not take place until 1933, although an artist's irnpression of the new aspect had been published in the Wharfedale Observer as early as 1919. The roof was off John Summerscales' tobacconist's and Harry Waite's cab office alongside, A poster invites the passer-by to a performance of 'Muddling Through' at the old Recreation Hall- renamed the Queen's Hall - in Church Lane.

26. The east end of Otley Parish Church showing the old vestry room about 1890. This had been the focal point for parochial administration before the establishment of the Otley Local Board in 1864. The removal of the ivy from the east window for repairs to the stonework in 1903 moved a local poet tomuse:

ft rustled with shy music, as our hamlet grew, / And, as it shook its leaves, the morning dew I Greeted the rising sun, exhaled its breath, I And, as the sunlight died, then mourned its death.

27. Mr. William D. Clough photographed in Otley church yard in 1922 with the peal of eight beils taken down for re-casting. Originally cast by Chapman & Mears of Whitechape! in 1782, their tata! weight was over 67 cwt and their cost B89 - offset by the value of six old beils. The biJl included freight and charges at Huil.

28. Bondgate c1908 by Otley photographer George Brown. On the right is 5 Bondgate, built in 1753, with George Moore, saddler and harness maker's shop at the east end. Up the yard were William Lawson & Sons, tanners, fellmongers and leather dressers. The Crow Lane gasometer is in the far background with the tree-tilled garden of Charles J. Walker's Grove House to the left, now the Garden of Remembrance.

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