Otley in old picture postcards

Otley in old picture postcards

:   Paul Wood
:   Yorkshire, West
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-5324-9
:   80
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

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69. This unique photograph was published as a postcard entitled 'Otley's first printing machine' and celebrates the industry that was to dominate the local industrial revolution. William Dawson, the joiner, and David Payne, the inventor, built and designed the Wharfedale press about 1858. As a re sult of their enterprise over 2,000 men would be employed by the end of the century. The inventor stands proudly centre stage over his mechanical innovation. Wharfedale machines wou!d spread Otley's name across the imperia! world.

70. Payne & Sans munitions workers football team of 1917 pictured on the sports fjelds on what is now Falcon Close, Burras Lane. The team was a precursor of the famous post-war D.P. & E. team who commemorated Dawson, Payne & Elliott - the founders of the Otley printing machine industry.

71. Waite & Saville Ltd. women munitions workers at Falcon Works on 10th April 1943. One of the most inventive and durable of all the Otley machine makers, Waite & Saville perfected the Falcon platen press at their Burras Lane works. Founded in 1892, the company survived until 1966. Elsie Shepherd remembers making aeroplane parts, having a badge, pass and uniform which - for the first time in her life - included wearing trousers.

72. Competitor number 19 with bicycle assistant passes the top of Guycroft, Westgate on the Bradford Whit Walk. A later walk programme lists a route from Bradford to Ilkley, Otley, Dyneley Arrns, Yeadon and back to Bradford. Miss S. Crosby's shuttered confectioner's, draper's and dressmaker's shop is on the street corner.

73. Charlie Robinson, newsagent and tobacconist, Ilkley Raad, in 1913. Robinson loads up his handcart with books from his circulating library. Billboards proclaim everything from 'Amundsen at the Pole' to 'Simple frocks for young girls'. Robinson also sold some of the finest picture postcards in Otley alongside his stocks of Matchless Metal Polish and Stephens lnk. The handcart also made the early morning newspaper pick up from Otley Station.

74. The bonneted girls of Westgate Council School pose for the postcard photographer on I1kley Raad. The original Duncan's Mill School of 1871 for the half-time worsted-spinning children stands behind. The Otley School Board taak over after 1885 and the school gained new buildings on Scarborough Raad in 1907.

. ....;..~.-

75. Ilkley Road and Peels Crescent stretching west to Duncan's Mil! about 1906. Generations of mil! wor kers trod these flagstones on the early morning trudge to work. One mil! girl remembers leaving Leeds Road at 5.30am. 'It was absolutely pouring down, sleet and snow blowing in my face and tears coming down as wel!. I we re holding on to me sister's arm and 1 said: When 1 gets to be an old woman, I'm going to stop in bed.' Winter's up Westgate in August was the local saying.

76. William Ackroyd's steam wagon leaves Otley Mills loaded with yam on its daily trip to Bradford about 1930. Built at Leiston, Suffolk, this 4 ton Garrett wagon had a maximum speed of 12 miles per hom. Could the driver MT. Homer ever have imagined what his journey might be like in the future, as the volume of road traffic chokes towards the year 20007 Progress would have given hirn 12 mph and decreasing.

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