Oxted in old picture postcards volume 1

Oxted in old picture postcards volume 1

:   Roger Packham
:   Oxted
:   Surrey
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-3493-4
:   80
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

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29. Three harses pull an interesting agricultural implement along the road outside Oxted Recreation Ground in another postcard by Gregory's about 1909. Cows graze peacefully in front of the church beyond which can be seen the Oxted Chalk Pit. The wooden fence was just below The Hoskins Arms and can be seen in No. 41.

30. J.B. Lock's postcard shows a lady by the entrance to the Oxted Recreation Ground with a rather uncomfortable looking pushchair. The cricket square appears to be feneed off and the hedge shown in the previous photograph has been replaced by railings and a fence. The date is about 1914.

31. Another J.B. Loek postcard about 1912 shows a leafy Church Lane looking north from the Hoskins Arms, Today the War Memorial would be visible by the gate and modern flats and Master Close would dominate the right hand side of Church Lane.

Oxted Mill.

32. Posted in July 1908, this J.B. Loek postcard shows the fine buildings ofOxted Mill, probably on the same site as one of the miils recorded in Domesday Book. The older part is the two storey building with the projecting lucomb. The undershot wheel onee tumed outside the end of the older min but was covered in when additions were made in 1893 when it was made to work alongside the water turbine by which the machinery in the new (three storey) mill is powered.

33. This postcard in Cox's Photo Series was posted in June 1922 and is a reminder of the number of streams which rise in the North Downs above Oxted and provide the infant strength to the mighty River Medway driving both Oxted Mill and, a little farther downstream, Coltsford Mill. The rubbish shown in the bottom right-hand corner of the photo proves that litter is not entirely a modern nuisance.

34. The Lirne Kilns at Oxted are pictured by J.B. Loek in a postcard posted in 1915 showing the chalk incursions into the North Downs, which is a common industrial feature in Surrey with ancient origins. The opening of the railway at Oxted in 1884 provided a far reaching market for the locallirne.

35. The celebrated photographer W.H. Drake of Thomton Heath has climbed to the top ofthe North Downs for this 1920s view of Oxted Chalk Pits. The lime kilns may be seen on the right of the centre and the road on the left is Chalk Pit Lane. The single storey building on the left is believed to be The Oxted Chalk Pit public house whose licensee in 1892 was Thomas Wales.

36. An elegantly dressed lady awaits a train at Oxted and Limpsfield Station about 1914. Three members of the railway staff are conscious of the camera on the down side platform and their hand-carts are in evidence on both platforms. The line opened as the Croydon, Oxted & East Grinstead Railway in 1884 and apart trom passengers , conducted a busy trade in coal, lime and (from Lingfield) bricks and race horses.

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37. A Kingsway card of about 1912 shows a busy up side platform with a well-stocked bookstall. The station has remained largely unaltered for today's commuter passengers but the coal and delivery sidings on the up side were removed in 1969.

Coxton cltouse, Oxted

'l alemines Series

38. This postcard shows Caxton House on the right and the Hoskins Arms hotel on the left and wàs posted in Limpsfield exactly eighty years ago. Two small girls stand in front ofJ .B. Lock's printing and stationery shop which, in 1904, also advertised fancy goods and toys; post card albums; photo albums and frames; bookbinding and an agency for art pottery and dyeing and cleaning. Twenty local views in a book could be bought for a shilling (five pence).

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