Oxted in old picture postcards volume 1

Oxted in old picture postcards volume 1

:   Roger Packham
:   Oxted
:   Surrey
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-3493-4
:   80
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

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Hoskins Arms Hotel, Oxted.

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39. The Hoskins Arms hotel is pictured in Edwardian times by J.B. Loek and St. Mary's Church may be seen to the left. In 1892 the owner was Charles Hoskins Master and the licensee was Thomas Tucker serving railway travelIers and others. Twelve years later it offered stabling, a concert and banqueting hall, coffee, dining and billiard rooms, tennis courts and bowling green as weIl as hiring of horses and carriages and petrol.

40. A fine view in the Golden Series posted in 1933, shows the mature oak tree and seat in front of Caxton House. Looking towards the station in the distanee ean be seen the Hoskins Arms and the Plaza Cinema on the left. The latter was built about 1930 by c.A. Williams and has some splendid moek Tudor features. The lorry on the right advertises Castrol - an omen for the advent of the motor ear for the masses.

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41. A postman and a railway worker (on bicycle) approach the camera in this Kingsway postcard published before the Great War. The neat hedge on the left leads to the Hoskins Arms and the mock Tudor shops of Caxton House on the right display their wares on a dusty summer's day.

42. J.B. Lock's postcard which was posted at New Oxted in Apri11913 shows the busy Station Road West leading to the station. Two gentlemen pass the time of day by the signpost beneath the leafless oak tree. They may be discussing the early motor car or perhaps admiring Caxton House, built by John Williams in the early 19008.

The üld Surrey Hounds

43. C.L. King has captured the meet of the Old Surrey Hounds in a lively postcard which was posted in 1912. In 1910, Major c.G.c. Leveson-Gower began bis famous Mastership of the Old Surrey Hounds which, in 1915, amalgamated with the Burstow Hunt to form the Old Surrey and Burstow Foxhounds. CiL, King was advertised in 1904 as being a landscape and general photographer of 1 Station Road, New Oxted.

44. Apre-First World War postcard shows Station Road West, looking away from the station towards the signpost and the oak tree (right of centre). W. Wood's dairy is now The Good Food Shop and the left hand turn beyond is Hoskins Road.

45. Oxted Station can be seen here from Station Road West in a postcard published by Frith of Reigate in 1908. The estate agency on the left hand side is in the name of Seale, Swan & Seale. Lloyds Bank now occupies the double gabled building on the left and today's Post Office is sited out ofthe picture to the left. The gable on the right still has an inscription:

Oxted Com Stores Berry and Sons.

46. This postcard in the Johnson's Series shows Station Road East as it appeared just before the First World War. The premises of H.H. Blades are now occupied by Walker's Textiles but the company still exists a short distanee away in Amy Road, the left hand tuming, above.

Station Roa~ Oxteá. Surr,y.

47. This Edwardian postcard, published by A.H. Homewood of Burgess Hill, again shows the ironmonger's premises on the left, where Challenge Motor Oil may be obtained. St. Michael's in the middle distance is today largely obscured by trees. Gregory's tobacconist shop on the right has a good selection of local view postcards. The shop is now that of Ibbett Mosely, the estate agents.

Station Road East, Oxted.


48. J.B. Loek published this view of Station Road East on a postcard posted in March, 1907. Only two trees remain today on the left and the neat fences on the right have disappeared with the conversion of the houses into shop premises. Shops have also been added lower down on the left.

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