Oxted in old picture postcards volume 1

Oxted in old picture postcards volume 1

:   Roger Packham
:   Oxted
:   Surrey
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-3493-4
:   80
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

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Station npproach, NeIN Oxted.

49. This early 1930s view of Station Road East shows the growing popularity of the motor car. Blades' ironmongery shop continues to display its wares on the left hand side and three shops down on the right ean be seen Johnson's confectionery and tobacconist shop. The pillar box is today sited on the opposite side of the road.

ĂȘasf. -

50. The station building on the down side may be seen left of centre in this Frith postcard which was published in 1908. Looking westwards, this is still a familiar approach today but the large house on the right has given way to a modem shoe shop and only the furthest of the single storey shops survives.

Station Roat/, [/ooking South} Oxted, Surre!J.

! '

( .

51. This postcard by A.H. Homewood was posted from Westerham in 1908 and shows Station Road looking towards Gregory's tobacconist shop in the centre of the picture and the righthand turn towards the station. The house on the left is now occupied by Pub lex International, on the corner of Beatrice Road but the houses and non-conformist church opposite have been demolished in favour of Tandridge Motor Centre, Budgens and Freeman, Hardy & Willis.

Sfation Roa~ [foo/dng llorth} (}xted, Surre!!.

52. Another Homewood posteard shows Station Road from the left hand entranee to the station looking towards the North Downs. All the houses on the left of the picture have been replaced by shops but those on the right still survive. The twin gabled shops are now occupied by House of Lloyd and Pet Fayre and Messrs. Sainsbury's shop would be on the extreme right by Amy Road. The eard was posted in 1908.

Station Road, Oxted.:

53. This postcard, published by A.H. Homewood, was posted in 1906 and shows some fine houses on the east side of Station Road, now known as Snatts HilI. The horse's load looks formidable on a warm summer's day and this is another scene overlooked by the North Downs.

54. This Edwardian view of Station Road East, published by Gregory, was posted in 1909. A nanny pushes a pram up the hill past a handsome delivery horse and cart. Note the gas holder to the left of the centre. All the houses on the right hand side are easily recognisable today but the road is called Snatts Hill.

55. East Hill Road is photographed from near Caxton House on this Loek postcard of about 1912. Today the Police Station would be just out of view on the right hand side and Iocal traffic climbs the hilI towards the Westerharn Road (A25).

BIue House Road, Oxted,

56. Three Edwardian gentlemen with walking sticks take a summer stroll along Blue House Road in a Homewood postcard, posted in Brighton in 1907. Oxted Grammar School (1929) and The Bam Theatre (1924) have been subsequent additions to a still pleasant road. The house on the right is Hamelin House (No. 116) at the Limpsfield end of the road.

57. The opening of the railway line led inevitably to the development of the Oxted locality and this photograph by Gregory's shows some fine houses built amongst some mature woodland. The date would be around 1912. The Card House and Hoders are two listed buildings in Woodhurst Park.

58. This Gregory postcard shows the railway viaduct from Woodhurst Lane about 1912, looking north. The sturdy brick pillars have supported the railway for over a hundred years, a tribute to the engineering skills of the Victorians. Woodhurst Lane now has a row of modern, desirable residences in place ofthe hedge on the right hand side.

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