Portishead 1900-1920 / The photographs of E.H. Wright

Portishead 1900-1920 / The photographs of E.H. Wright

:   Kenneth Crowhurst
:   Somerset
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-5629-5
:   80
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67. Seaside Builders (MIT). This charming action photograph of children on the beach below the Royal Hotel was posted in 1907, but was probably taken by E.H. Wright two years or so earlier .

68. Chesil Bay (NC). Chesil Bay, just below the Royal Hotel, was a popular beach especially as it was the nearest for visitors arriving by train. This was taken around 1905, possibly on a Bank Holiday weekend when Portishead was a great attraction to day trippers who came to enjoy a walk through the woods and possibly an excursion by rowing boat. There are a number ofyoung people paddling in the water, but no bathers at this beach.

69. Afavourite spot at Portishead (ReH). A delightful study of four young ladies on the beach - a postcard which Eric sent to his landlady, Mrs. Bishop.


70. The Beach and Pier (KS). Another photograph taken by E.H. Wright around 1905 on the beach below the Royal Hotel, when the B.T.S. 'Formidable' was still a feature of Portishead's maritime scene.

71. Favourite amusements on the Marine Lake (NC). The Marine Lake, covering an area of just under five acres, quickly proved a great attraction after its construction in 1910. It was situated on a previously low-lying piece ofland known as Rodmoor , intersected by dykes, and frequently under water in times of heavy rains. Rodmoor was used by a few cattle when it was not too wet, but otherwise was neglected and considered useless. The earth from the excavations was used to raise the level of the remaining moor to form a park where cricket, football and tennis could be played. The Marine Lake was also a favourite spot for Eric Wright, who took many delightful photographs there - this is a typical example.

72. Esplanade (EH). Taken around 1909, just before the Marine Lake was excavated, EHW took this view of the Esplanade, looking towards Battery Point. Four lady cyclists are enjoying a summer evening's ride while a group of children sit on a gate in earnest conversation.

73. A pretty boy (MJT). This bay, though rather rocky, was situated on the shore justbelowthe GolfClub house. As longago as 1855 it was already known as Ladies' Beach, because it is marked as such on the map in the Bond and Farden Guide to Portishead, and is described as 'the approved bathing-piace for ladies'. However, it must have fallen into disuse, because the 'Mercury' recorded in 1897 that this same bay had been recommended by the Council's bathing committee as a bathing place for ladies and children, The committee subsequently negotiated a 21 years' lease of that portion of the beach with Bristol Corporation - steps were made down to it and a sandy area was cleared of rocks. It was marked out with posts and chains, visible at the top of this photograph, a robing saloon was erected and a lady bathing superintendent was engaged to attend to bathers' needs.

74. On the sands (ReH). This superbly composed photograph of the canopied stearn-powered boat 'Florence' and girls playing on the sand was taken by E.H. Wright around 1908. He must have been pleased with it also, because he sent a postcard of it to his landlady Mrs. Bishop at 7 Slade Terrace with the following message on the back: 'Isn't this alright? The kiddies seem happy, don't they? In haste, Eric.'

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