Richmond in old picture postcards volume 2

Richmond in old picture postcards volume 2

:   Audrey Carr
:   Yorkshire, North
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-5339-3
:   80
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

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29. Looking up Queen's Road before Dundas Street was made. The rows of trees, now much depleted, gave the raad the look of a boulevard.

30. Westfields in the 1920s. The view is virtually unchanged. These houses overlook pastures th at in 1892 were the site of Richmond's golf course. Because common grazing rights were granted for three months of the year, the members could not play all the year round so the course was re-established on the Race Course with the Grandstand as club house. The annual Territorial Camp interrupted play here and the club removed once more to Bend Hagg. At the time of th is photo it cast 2 shillings a day or 20 shillings a month to play golf!

31. This photograph shows the boarding house of Richmond Grammar School. The building housed the Headmaster's residence. The pupils' accommodation seen here had been completed in 1900 as an extension to the old house. At this time, prior to the First World War, the school also had a preparatory department. The Friary field was leased in 1900. It had a slope on it in line na doubt with Oueen's Raad. The boys took on the task of levelling the field and were still on with it in 1928!

32. Speneer's stationer's shop in 1910. AIthough the variety of their stock was prodigious, one of Speneer's most successful Iines was postcards which they published themselves. The shop front is festooned with them.

33. Croft, Marr and Srnurthwaite's delivery van, outside their premises in Victoria Road in 1929. Wine merchants, their vaults are connected by passages which reach under the Market Place.

34.1929. One ofthe nicest shops in Richmond was Singletori's the gracer's. Everything untinned was weighed out before the customer's eyes. Sugar put in blue sugar paper, lard and butter wrapped in greasepraof and so on. Meanwhile the customer perched on a bentwood chair, of a kind to be found in most shops, while bland remarks about the weather passed to and fro.

35. Spenee and Co. was one of the biggest and langest lasting Builders' rnerchants-cumironmongers' businesses of the town. This picture taken in the showroom in 1929 shows what the furnishings of an up-ta-date home would beo Electricity was installed in Richmond in 1925 but oil and gas lamps are on sale. See the slatted bed ends and bathroom fittings now eagerly sought after.

36. A young Richmond woman beautifully turned-out for a studio photograph. What the clothes-conscious woman was wearing in 1928.

37. The old ox-roasting ceremony is revived as part of the celebrations commemorating in 1929 the 600th Anniversary of the granting of the First Royal Charter to the Borough.

38. The chosen sacrificial victim rnunches choice hay unaware of the fate that awaits him,

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