Richmond in old picture postcards volume 2

Richmond in old picture postcards volume 2

:   Audrey Carr
:   Yorkshire, North
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-5339-3
:   80
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

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39. The market place cobbles continue all the way down The Channel, nearly to Station Road corner. The tree-lined road that led to Gilling is just visible in the top right-hand corner of this early picture. Taken in the 1860s, nothing much had changed by the 1880s.

40. The Zetland Hunt preparing to move off was a fine sight. This picture was taken about 1910. The noise of dogs yapping, harses' hooves on cobbles, carriage wheels rattling, neighing harses, must have been tremendous.

41. An auction sale being conducted in the mark et place outside Bainbridge's shop.

42. Members of the motor cycle club, inaugurated in 1921, mustering for an outing. The building on the left is the General Post Office.

43. Richmond people about to set off on a char-à-banc trip in 1920. A soft hood could be put up if the weather turns nasty. The vehicle would have been hired from Brands in Queen's Road.

44. The Town Band playing outside the Town Hall Hotel. The band was started in 1920. Particularly interesting in this picture is the advert for Westwood Palace. This was a cinema on the camp road not far from Woodhouse Farm.

45. A Whit Sunday concert in the Castle grounds is about to start in 1912. The audience and a dog await the performance. This postcard shows weIl the soldiers' families' quarters demolished round ab out 1924 by the Office ofWorks.

46. A concert party known as The Knuts Kamp Komedy Kompany Theatrical and Variety Entertainment are seen outside the Town Hall Hotel during the First World War in 1916. They are standing in front of a traction engine owned by A. Newsome of Darlington. 6nhp Burrell no. 3471. 'The Rover' new in 1913.

47. Richmond Castle. The fancy building on the left may be part of the G.O. C. 's residence since two cottages originally intended as married quarters for W.O.'s and N.C.O.'s had been converted for this purpose. The gun on the right was captured in the Crimea. In 1910, when this picture was taken, the clothing stores, arms and equipment of the West Yorks. Militia were housed in the Castie Keep.

48. In 1855 The CastIe was leased from the Duke of Richmond and the lumpy grounds we re levelled for use as a parade ground. 2,200 townsfolk died in the plague of 1597. Some we re buried in the Castle yard which is probably why during the levelling several skeletons we re discovered. Victims had been buried there. Other finds included many ancient weapons. Later it was decided that the headless skeletons dug up at this time we re probably offenders who had been despatched by military law.

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