Richmond in old picture postcards volume 2

Richmond in old picture postcards volume 2

:   Audrey Carr
:   Yorkshire, North
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-5339-3
:   80
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

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59. The Catholic Church in Newbiggin was built on land donated by Sir John Lawson at a cost of f5,OOO. The building was commenced in 1867 and officially opened on 31st July 1868.


60. The ball-Iess Market Cross rises up in the centre of this fine old photograph, looking like a chimney stack. A satisfying study of this picture must be made through a magnifying glass.

61. Looking down towards the Fives Court at the corner of the snicket up to einder Lane and Quaker Lane beyond which we see the Friary field about which controversy is raging at the time of writing. The question is, whether the field is the place where a new supermarket should be built.

62. The Richmond Girl Guides taken about 1926 in Ronaldshay Park. The writer's mother is on the left of the standard and Miss Ursula Howard, who had her own school in Newbiggin, is to the right. Miss Howard's Private School was housed in the Working Men's Hall, built in 1875 at the corner of Bargate and Newbiggin.

63. At Willances Leap. The story of the Richmond Merchant's epic bound over the Scar at Whitcliffe is one of the town's favourite true stories. He was lucky enough to have two graves. One containing the leg he lost in the accident and another holding the rest of hirn after he died several years later.

~iIJ3nce6 Leep Te1'centeliary ISC6.

64. The tree in the foreground of this surprisingly modern-looking picture is the Abbot's Elm. Formerly gracing the green in front of the church, where the car park is now, the elm was blown down in 1920.

65.Easby Abbey in October 1910. At that time it was possible to see the tower from the Abbey grounds.

66. Young soldiers from the 6th Battalion of the Northumberland Fusiliers muster in Victoria Road ne ar Cordilleras House.

67. Another regiment has arrived at the station (1910) and is being marched up into town via the Channel, preceded by the regimental band. One gets the impression that they are marching very quickly. They are escorted by the usual phalanx of small boys who cannot re sist a drum beat. Leefe House, now demolished, is right of centre. Octavius Leefe was the deputy registrar of the archdeaconry of Richmond. The soldiers are no doubt on route forcamp at the race course.

68. More soldiers, in 1910. They are probably being taken up to the Barracks by Frenchgate and Barrack HilI.

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