Rowlands Castle and District in old picture postcards

Rowlands Castle and District in old picture postcards

:   Peter Rogers and Paul Marshman
:   Hampshire
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-1131-7
:   80
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

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9 The earliest local reference to the Hall family is in 1847, when a Mr. Hall is noted as being a boot maker. A directory of 1907 then records a Henry and Edward Hall as working the business together. This would agree with the photograph which is dated 1908. These original premises with an added upper storey are still evident today, located on the sharp bend in Finchdean Raad. A mainstay of the business was the manufacture of boots called 'straights'. These were, as the name implies, boots with na shape and could therefore be warn on either foot. Warn by ploughmen who constantly walked in furrows, boots became uneven

in wear. With 'straights', however, the boots could be changed from foot to foot, equalling the wear, so making the boots last langer.

1 0 Rowlands Castle railway station. This postcard was a most welcome find, for it is the only pictorial evidence we have for the centre siding which appears on a small scale map of 191 S. The siding, thought to have been provided for the excursion trade, is large enough to accommodate two coaches. There is some evidence also that horse boxes were left here and that horses destined for Goodwood Race Course were delivered to the station in the 1930's. The coaches in the background are on yet another siding which led to Courtlands Arch.

1 1 Rowlands Castle railway station in 191 O. The London and South Western Company are operating the line, for this was before the railway amalgamation of 1922.

1 2 A Territorial detachment of the Royal Engineers seems to have favoured Rowlands Castle as a base for their annual camp and, in the postcard dated 5th June 1910, members of the public appear to be relaxing with the military during a break in their training routine. The field in which they are camped is today's recreation ground; the houses along Bowes Hill are still recognisable despite the fact that there are now two rows of later properties in between.

13 The Signals Co. Royal Engineers camped on the Green in 1913, recorded on a postcard with an interesting history. It was apparently written at sea aboard the Duchess of Fife en route from Southsea to Bournemouth on a day excursion, by a soldier from this camp on a day's leave.

14 The title tells all and it is only with hindsight that we know that the Great War is less than a month away. The Railway Hotel is by this time in the Brickwood's livery. The crimson tiles with white lettering were to remain until 1969. Next to the inn were stables and the entrance to the Tea Gardens. Parking on the Green is now banned and the wanton display of advertising posters discouraged!

15 'A mishap on the Green' and, once again, the Royal Engineers are involved. The photograph is a rare thing, an opportunist's snap shot reproduced as a commercial postcard. The date is sometime before 1914, for by that time the wording of the Railway Hotel had changed its style. Mr. Wallis was the landlord and the pub a Commercial and Family Hotel. Cyclists were also welcome.

1 6 Rowlands Castle Golf Club was formed on 6th May 1903, Admiral O'Callaghan being a keen supporter. The first club house or pavilion was apparently a converted railway coach, but this photograph shows the first permanent building. The original course was nine holes, later enlarged to eighteen holes and later again, extended to make it of championship length.

1 7 Despite the printed title, the building, funded mostly by public subscription, was opened in 1914 as the Parish Hall ofIdsworth and North Havant, a civil parish created in 1908. The smaller (left hand) section of the building, however, had been opened in 1901 as a school exclusively for the children of Rowlands Castle and not those from Idsworth, Durrants and Redhill.

1 8 The Royal Engineers again, this time at a location north of the village. The point is near what are today 'Magpie Cottages', for in the background is the water tower that stood at the top of Links Lane.

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