Rowlands Castle and District in old picture postcards

Rowlands Castle and District in old picture postcards

:   Peter Rogers and Paul Marshman
:   Hampshire
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-1131-7
:   80
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

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19 The Green and roads became as one under the blanket of snow during the severe winter of 1916. An attempt is being made to clear a pathway for customers wishing to shop at Rook's Post office and Stores. An enamelled sign displayed on the building advertises the fact that a public telephone is available.


20 Piped gas had been introduced into the village by

191 1, although here in Woodberry Lane we see workmen in stalling what appear to be mains water pipes.

21 Rook's Stores and Post office at the 'Arches' end of the village in 1920. With wide business interests in the village, the Fountain Inn was also owned by a member of the Rook family.

22 By 1937, Rook's Store had become the property of Mr. P.WWiggington, who later ventured into partnership with Mr. Hem; the business then became known as Wiggington and Hem.

23 Ye Little Sweet Shop, pictured with its owner Frank Burt. The shop was located by the Village Green in a spot now occupied by the Post Office. The building at the rear is the present electricity sub-station, sited here with the coming of electric power to the village in the 193 O's. Many villagers can recall the days when, as children, Frank would tell them tales of his years in the Navy. They also remember the handbell, used to summon him from his home next door.

24 Royal's delivery van outside of numbers 80 to 86 Redhill Road in about 1928. The young man with his foot on the running board is Charles Royal, who would later inherit the shop and bakery on the Green. The other young man is William Farr.

2S A view along Castle Raad probably in 1912. All the houses are still there with the addition of two more which were placed on the vacant plot in 1929.

The ladies on the left of the picture have reached the road from a footpath which at this time crossed the fields, emerging at this point. Castle Raad marked the old boundary between the Parishes of Havant and Idsworth and, in 1837, the limit of the eccIesiastical parish of Redhill.

26 A postcard of the StauntonArms which on this occasion is playing host to a visiting party of sailors. In true nautical spirit, they are flying the Union Flag from the 'after' end of the charabanc.

The vehicle seems abnormally long with much of its body length behind the rear wheels. The huge concertina of a hood can be seen near the 'flagstaff'.

27 A similar, though extended view of the crossroads recorded about1938. The public house is the Staunton Arms, so named after an earlier Leigh Park 'Squire' Sir George Staunton. The heraldic arms of the family constitute the hanging pub sign.

28 Rowlands Castle Tug of War Team 1925. Similar photographs from the same period point to the popularity of the sport. The large shield, a major trophy, now displayed in the Castle Inn, bears the names of winning teams, among them The Brickworks, Southern Railway and the Leigh Park Estate. Those team members pictured here are, from the left: 1. Haskell,

H. Martin, A. WeHs, S. Outen, S.WTrodd, WR. Budd and H. Mason. In the front row:

R. Knox, WTupper, H.M. Brigham,]. Cannings and ]. Whitenstall.

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