Rowlands Castle and District in old picture postcards

Rowlands Castle and District in old picture postcards

:   Peter Rogers and Paul Marshman
:   Hampshire
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-1131-7
:   80
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

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29 The netball team about 1926. The minutes of the recreation ground committee refer to a Miss Thomas as being their representative. There is na record of a pitch on the playing fields, although there was apparently provision for netball at Redhill School. From left to right, the girls are: Grace Martin, Sylvia Nash, Florrie Pierpoint and in the front Eileen Haskell, Dorothy Levett and Rose Outen.

30 Durrants; more precisely, Durrants Bend as it looked in 1932. The terrace ofthree houses numbered 3, 4 and 5 Durrants ( the numbers commencing from near the camera) were demolished about1934; the house glimpsed through the trees, however, is still there and is now numbered 72 Durrants Road. The barns on the right belonged to Durrants Farm. The origin of the name Durrants is lost in antiquity although in the past it is apparent that the settlement had been a small community in its own right.

3 1 The house in the photograph is known to have been built in 1905 and is one of the earliest on Bowes Hill. The event pictured is perhaps that of a gala or fĂȘte staged by members ofthe Nonconformist Zionist Church Movement and, whilst nothing is known of a local branch of the organisation, it may be suggested that the house, grounds and facilities were made available on the day for members who had made the journey from neighbouring towns and villages. The band providing the entertainment could be that of the Rowlands Castle British Legion or perhaps the Chalton Village Band.

32 A curious inscription appears on the reverse of the picture and reads: 'Post Office Staff and Friends at Idsworth House, entertained by Sir Dudley Clarke-Jervoise, R.T. Grey, WAnstey and one hundred and sixteen wounded saldi ers and sailors.' The year is thought to be 1916.

33 Wounded and invalid servicemen on ]uly 17th

1916 enjoy a day trip to Rowlands Castle sponsored by the Lake Raad Chapel (Portsmouth). They are pictured outside the Railway Hotel with the Fountain Inn in the background.

34 This postcard is of a garden party in the grounds ofDeerleap', the large house that is located behind the wall bordering the Green in the centre of the village. The year is 1925 and the man walking towards the camera is Bertram Rook, a local shopkeeper. The house was, at this time, the home ofthe O'Callaghans, father and san, who bath became admirals. Garden parties such as this were called 'at homes' and were a popular event at many large houses in the district up until the 1950's. Mr. Rook is in fact walking along an outer earthen rampart of the actual castle ruins from which the village takes its name.

3S RedhillSchooll926.The photograph includes bath boys and girls and suggests that, like the majority of junior schools, the classes were co-educational. The log records the fact that more than one hundred pupils were on the register in that year.

36 Inside of the Chapel on the Green. The Minister in this photograph is the Reverend Frederick Hem, the incumbentfrom 1901 to 1936.The lighting is by oillamp, converted to gas in 192 7. Originally having a side aisle with pews running the entire width of the building, members of the congregation complained of being unable to get in or out oftheir seats. The bench pews were later divided and an easier access gained from a new centre aisle. The resulting alterations have since endowed the interior with an unbalanced 'off centre' appearance.

37 Admiral O'Callaghan and his gardener Mr. Dunning are seen planting a cammemarative aak tree on the village green to celebrate the Silver Jubilee afHis Majesty King George V, the actual date being 6th May193S.The ultimate fate of the aak is unknown, far the trees on the Green are now beeches.

38 The suggested scenario here at Rowlands Castle railway station is of saldi ers returning to base following their summer camp. In a cheerful mood (no evidence of tearful farewells) they and a number of locallads and lasses strike a pose for the camera.

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