Royal Leamington Spa in old picture postcards volume 2

Royal Leamington Spa in old picture postcards volume 2

:   Jacqueline Cameron
:   Warwickshire
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-6172-5
:   80
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

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8 In sharp contrast to the congested traffle to be found in Tachbrook Road at the present time, this photograph taken in 1 91 0 tells a different story.

9 The Parade, around 1900, the buildings looking very much as they do today. On the right is theTown Hall, while in the centre of the picture in the distance can be seen Christchurch, which was demolished a few years aga. Unlike the scene on the Parade today, the area is free from motor vehicles.

10 Yet another postcard of York Walk, where in sharp contrast to the walk as it is today, flower beds grace the river side and enhance the beauty of the perimeter of the park. The photograph, taken around the turn of the century, gives a lovely insight into the charisma of days gone by.

1 1 A peacefu1 scene on the Parade around 1 9 1 O. On the right can be seen the Obelisk erected in 1880 in recognition of Alderman Henry Bright, whose untiring efforts in the search of pure water brought him farne. Victoria's Statue beyond was unvealed by Lord Leigh in 1 902, and the NewTown Hall, which the Mayor, Councillor Sidney Flavel, officially opened on Thmsday, 18th September 1884.


1 2 The afterrnath of War. This was the scene in the workshop of the Automotive products, after the bornb attack in the Second World War.

13 This sombre picture was taken in the early 1920's, of a group of local men on a days trip to the races, as they called into the N ew Inn at Halford Bridge for a meal on their way home. On the right is the chauffeur, 1 7 year old Charles Eggleton.

14 The Pump Room Gardens, where the more affIuent of the town enjoyed the gardens, which in the early days were not open to the public, and a band played every morning from eight until nine o'clock.

15 The childrens V.E. Day celebrations in Villiers Street, Leamington Spa, on 9th May 1945. Among the parents standing around the table are Mrs. Taylor, Mrs. Stanley, Lil Parsons, Mrs. Eggleton, Betty Eggleton, Mr. West, the milk man, Mrs. Ashmore, Flo Wilson and Iris Wilson. The man in the centre of the picture was a conjurer, engaged to entertain the children.

16 The Royal Pump Room and Bath showing the building with the tower added.Alterations, carried out by the local Board of Health in

1861, enabled this addition to be made to the building.

Royal pump Room anĂ  .Bath. .!:eami.':.gton Spa.


1 7 What memories this Iovely old engine revives! Taken in 1 936, the photograph shows Leamington Spa Railway Station during reconstruction,

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