Royal Leamington Spa in old picture postcards volume 2

Royal Leamington Spa in old picture postcards volume 2

:   Jacqueline Cameron
:   Warwickshire
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-6172-5
:   80
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

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18 In 1855 Mr. Burgis set up as a grocer at 72 Regent Street. In 1874 he joined in business with [ames Colbourne and opened their Bedford Stores. In 1897 the company was registered on 3Ist May, with a capitalof

ft 00,000.000, and conducted business on the Parade. These photographs were taken of the ever popular restau rant and the fameus baak department to be found in the store.

1 9 A familiar sight seen on the Parade around 1906. The first eleetrie trams made their debut on 15 th July 1905. and ran regularly between Leamington and Warwiek. This eame about after the granting of the Warwiek Electtic Lighting Order of 1901. Until this time the trams had been horse-drawn.

20 Lower Parade as seen from the Victoria Bridge. Ta the left can be seen the famous Pump Rooms and to the right the ]ephson Gardens. In contrast to the newly-erected railings we see today, bill posters are the order of the day and can be seen on the corner of NewboldTerrace, to the right of the picture.

21 This pretty lady is Nora Screen, a Leamington girl who married and went to live in Bristol, where she ran a general store.

22 This unusual photograph was taken in 1 932, when the water from the swollen River Leam flooded the Pump Rooms and Jephson Gardens. It is interesting to observe that a height restriction placed upon the lodges, seen either side of the flooded gates, when they were erected, meant that they could not be any higher than 30 ft, hence their cottage roof.

23 Built on the site of Leamington's second mineral spring, E. Francis and Sans were founded in 1840. It was a family business, which holds many memories for the people of Leamington who were lucky enough to visit the store. This photograph captures the interior beautifuHy. Unfortunately the company, which celebrated 1 25 years of business in the tawn, ceased trading same years aga.

24 Standing on the site of the famous Strawberry Cottage, in the Iephson Gardens, the Hitchman Fountain, designed by Mr. Cundall, and selected and carried out by a Learnington stone mason, Mr. Thomas Price, is a memorial to Dr. Hitchman, who himself suggested the name of the Iephson Gardens, and prior to his death had been closely associated with them.

25 Same ofthe visitors to the Regent Hotel, in the early 192 0 's, seen being taken for a ride round the town.

26 The laying out of the lake in the Jephson Gardens was entrusted to Mr. [ohn Cullis, nursery man and florist.

27 In the centre of the picture can be seen the Cabmans Hut, the building where the cabmen sheltered against the inclement weather. Ta the right of the hut can be seen the Aylesford WeIl. This is Old Town at its best. The people enjoying a chat and the charisma of the era can be felt,

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