Royal Leamington Spa in old picture postcards volume 2

Royal Leamington Spa in old picture postcards volume 2

:   Jacqueline Cameron
:   Warwickshire
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-6172-5
:   80
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

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28 Inspection time for the Lockheed Home Guard, while the office stafflook on.

29 The York Walk and Bridge, which was an important amenity to the development of the town. It dates back to around 1 893 .

Leamington Spa

Vork Walk

30 The Iephson Garden Pavilion in flood on Und March 1932. Situated adjacent to the River Leam in the Jephson Gardens, this lovely little Concert Hall would be an easy target for the swollen waters of the Leam.

3 1 The lovely old house on the Ieft of the photograph still stands in Spencer Street today. Beside it is the Congregation ChapeI, while at the end of the street can be seen the impressive All Saint's Church and the famous Aylesford Well.

32 The River Leam, which weaves its way through the town, divides the Old Town from the New. This tranquil scene, taken in 1900, is of the Upper Leam and shows the Willes Raad Bridge in the distance. The building seen through the trees on the left stands in Newbold Terrace, which runs adjacent to Iephsan Gardens, and was built in 1833.

On fM Beam, Ceamingfon.

33 The Victorian Town Hall which replaced the 'OId Town Hall' in Radford Road, was to become the Police Station before the present -day Police Headquarters were built in the town.

34 Leicester Street Central School for girls was opened on Monday, 4th April 1 92 1 , as a Senior School. This photograph taken in 1 933 is of the Schaars Nativity Play.

35 Taken in january 1 941 , this camouflage netting stretched across at Autornotive produets 'Lockheed' as the factory was known locally, which fell casualty to a bomb attack on the town in the Second World War.

36 Further improvement of the Pump Room Gardens taak plaee in 1828, when the Linden Avenue was planted. In the photograph we ean see the farnaus Monkey Walk, whose reputation sterns from the days when the Pump Room grounds were feneed in and the wealthy taak af ternoon tea in the gardens, while those Ie ss fortunate looked on through the railings.

37 This delightful photograph was taken in 1 91 2 and shows a little boy standing in the middle of the deserted raad. The public house in the foreground is the 'Queens Head'. The cart on the right would have probably been a contemporary bread van.

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