Royal Leamington Spa in old picture postcards volume 2

Royal Leamington Spa in old picture postcards volume 2

:   Jacqueline Cameron
:   Warwickshire
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-6172-5
:   80
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

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38 No collection would be complete without the fameus oak tree, which was reputed to be the centre of England. The oak tree has become a legend, and where the old tree once stood, stands a plaque commemorating its existence and a sapling, which will one day grow as large as its counterpart.

39 The Victoria Bridge was opened by Dr. Iephson publicly on 24th May 1840, the Queens birthday, by the laying of a coping stone, in honour of which the bridge was named 'Victoria' after the monarch.

40 In contrast to the Leamington of today this scene was taken on the Parade around 1 905, when the traffic was light, and the pace of life leisurely. Ta the right is the Victorian Town Hall, with Victoria's statue in the foreground, which was unveiled by Lord Leigh in 1 902, and paid for by public subscription.

41 The charisma of the Pump Room Gardens, when St. Peter's Church still had its famous 'Pineapple' tower which dominated the gardens. Opened on Thursday, 18thAugust 1864, it was to be 1 87 7 befare the tower, which is an outstanding feature of the tewn's sky line, was added.

42 This delightful photograph was taken of the Iephson Garden Pavilion in 1905. Coneerts were regularly held here, and eventually the auditorium was endosed with glass walls and a roof. Alas, like alllovely buildings, this one met its demise in 1973.

43 St. Paul's Church, which was opened by the Lord Bishop ofWorcester on Ascension Day, 14th May 1 874, was not consecrated at the time. Owing to the generosity of Mr. Frederick Manning of'Byron Lodge, Holly Walk, the tower and the dock were added later at a cast of ;(1,300.00 for the 150 ft tower and ;(300.00 for the doek. After serving as a Chapel of Ease to St. Mary's for same years, the consecration taak place on 25th April 1878.

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45 One ofthe most prestigious items in the tewn's history has to be the coat of arms which is fashioned in gold and enamel. Made up entirely from the arms of farmer Lords of the Manor, Geoffrey de Clinton, the blue boarder with lillies, the Willes family, the three mullets (stars) Ambrose Dudley, Earl Warwick, the gold field and the Fisher family, the Chevron.The BoroughArms was granted to the town in 1876. The motto reads: "These things alone are good which are honourable.'

46 Having mentioned the BoroughArms, it is only fitting to mention the Mayors chain of Office from which it is suspended at the front. Forming part of the civic regalia, it includes a smaller chain, which is worn by the Mayoress. The Mavor's Chain of Office consists of gold links on which the past holders of the office are inscribed. The present Mayor of Leamington is CouncillorTerri Bayliss, and her consort is her sonEdward.

47 Known as Block 0 here we see the Borg and beck as it was known, nearing completion in 1934.

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