Shetland in old picture postcards

Shetland in old picture postcards

:   John Linklater
:   Shetland Islands
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-6025-4
:   80
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

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9 A picture of Lerwick Harbour, where the R.MS St. Clair is docked at the Victoria Pier, which she no langer uses as she now docks about a mile further north.



10 Here is seen the steamer fromAberdeen at her old dock at Victoria Pier within the small baat harbour. The breakwater can be seen in the background and Bressay in the far distance.

1 1 Herring drifters in Lerwick Harbour. This is Victoria Pier, with herring drifters ried up on the opposite side of the pier. Herring fishing is na langer prosecuted to anything like the extent as it was in Shetland in former years.

8errÎng Drifters In Lerwick Harbeur

12 At the tap of Victoria Pier you can see the Diana Memorial Fountain, erected in 1890 to commemorate the return of the Hull trawler 'Diana', which was mainly manned by Shetlanders. The 'Diana' drifted into Ronas Voe in 1867, with many of her crew dead.

13 The Market Cross in Lerwick is where Lerwegians congregate to bring in the new year. Wills jamieson, butcher, is shown on the left, followed by'Ll.Anderson. a generalmerchant, then Moumhooly Street with the Lounge Restaurant sign above the street, then A. [ohnson, draper, above which is Bruce Laurenson, a dental surgeon, who was responsible for calling out the lifeboat in an emergency: Across the street is P. Leask, fruit merchant and confectioner, and on the extreme right is a fish and chip shop.

14 Lerwick from the sea front shows the Queens Hotel with its basement in the sea (on the left). The white St. Sunniva is at the pier and behind can be seen the Lerwick Town Hall. In the foreground is a row baat which seems about to be going fishing, as it has fishing rads in the


1 S This Valemine's card dated 1904 shows where the main office of the Shipping Office was situated, with the flag at the masthead. The black door alongside is the stabie for the horse. which used to make the deliveries from the steamer. Behind is the Grand Hotel with the turret on top. The Town Hall is in the background.




Valenfine's Series

16 North Commercial Street, Lerwick. Left is Alex. Manson, confectioner and tobacconist, then Burns Lane and H.l Greenvald. 1 cannot remember the name of the next shop, but on the other

si de of the street is the Clydesdale Bank.

17 R.H. Ramsay's card is older than the previous one, with [arnes Henderson, groeer, on the right, Burns Lane, then Iohn Irvine, flesher (older name for a butcher). Laurenson & Co. is across the road.

18 This old painting af Lerwick dates back to 1 885, when you could walk along a raad below the Fort Charlatte (on the right by the flag). The boat in the foreground is the 'Earl of Zetland'. Note that there is na fish market on the left, where the three men are looking.

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