Southend-on-Sea in old picture postcards

Southend-on-Sea in old picture postcards

:   Stephen Pewsey
:   Essex
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-6195-4
:   144
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

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99 VisitoftheFleet,1909.

One of the highlights of Southend's long association with the sea was the visit of the Navy's Home andAtlantic Fleets from 17th to 25th J uly 1909.The visit was something of a riaval propaganda exercise, as the Navy was lobbying strongly for bigger and more powerful ships to complete with the fast-growing German Navy. It was a spectacular sight, with a total of 150 ships, including battleships, cruisers, scouts, motor torpedo boats and submarines, ranged out past the Pier and down the estuary. The visit exceeded all expectations; a quarter of a million visitors poured off trains from Lon-

don eager to see the large stever display of British naval might. 10,000 cyclists filled the roads from the capital, while the Pier was choked with streams of trippers making their way to the Pier Head

to see the ships, and in the other direction sailors given shore leave filled Pier trains to capacity as they made their way onshore,

100 LeighOldTown.

This postcard introduces a selection of views of the streets of Southend and suburbs, from west to east and so starting with Leigh-on-Sea. In this postcard, we see the 'Old Town Tea and Dining Rooms', which stood close to the Peter Baat, one of'Leigh's oldest inns and a notorious smugglers' retreat.

101 Leigh Old Town.

This view shows the western end of the High Street, with the Crooked Billet inn on the left. The weatherboarded cottages, now demolished, were 16th or 17th century, and backed onto BilletWharf. From 1947 the council had formulated plans to demolish Leigh Old Town, with a new highway to be driven through the heart of the ancient fishing quarter. Fortunately these plans were abandoned in the 1970s.

102 CliffParade, Leighon-Sea,

The houses in this street enjoy fme views over the estuary. Development of this part of Leigh did not take place until after 1 899, when the Leigh Pottery ceased extracting day from the area. Leigh-on-Sea became an Urban District in 1897, but was incorporated into Southend in 1913.

103 The Hamlet,Westcliff-on-Sea,

The Hamlet was the name given to the estate between HamIet Court Raad and Milton Raad built up by the speculator Thomas Brassey. Previously this area had been known as Milton, an ancient name which died out from popular use about 1900. The estate was rather upmarket when first developed, and indeed Westcliff's story has been one of ensuring that it is more select than 'Sarfend' next door; it was at one time proposed to rename Westcliff 'Kensington-on-Sea' to emphasise this point.

104 Station Road, Westcliff-on-Sea.

Shops line the street, then as they do now, in this turn-ofthe-century postcard view.

105 Westcliff-on-Sea.

A general multi-view postcard ofWestcliff dating from about 1 950. Westcliff never had its own separate administration, but always formed part of Southend. It was a separate ecclesiastical parish

1897 -1910, and still farms a separate pastal district.

1 06 Clifftown Parade.

A happy scene looking east towards the bandstand from Prittlewell Square.


107 Palmeira Avenue, 1914.

Two men in joUy boaters with eanes stroll down the middle of a traffie-free Palmeira Avenue, aeeompanying a lady with parasol. In the garden of Palmeira Towers on the left, a small party appear to be taking tea.

1 08 Clifftown Parade.

An elegant Edwardian crowd is out for a stroll. On the right is the Westward Ho! Hotel, while the large building with the spire further on is St. John's College, a large private school.

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