Southend-on-Sea in old picture postcards

Southend-on-Sea in old picture postcards

:   Stephen Pewsey
:   Essex
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-6195-4
:   144
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

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9 Prittlewell Priory.

Founded in the early 12th century by Robert de Essex, the Priory was a Cluniac foundation. part of the great Benedictine Order. Dissolved in 1 536. the building was bought byThomasAudley. It remained a private residence for almost four hundred years until 1917. when local philanthropist R.A. Jones donated it to the borough. The priory buildings were restored and converted to a museum, and the grounds turned into a park. opened by the Duke of York (later King George VI) in 1920.

10 Bracing weather!

The sea froze over off Southend in the bitter winter of 1904-1905, as this postcard proves!

This Edwardian postcard was very risqué in its day. By

1 91 0, the date of this card, Southend had become a rumbustious seaside resort, selling large numbers of 'naughty' postcards to Cockney trippers.

11Seen on the Promenade.

12 I'm Leaving MyTroubles Bebind.

The humorous postcard was a popular genre too. This typical card introduces a selection of views ofSouthend Seafront, travelling from Shoeburyness in the east to Leighon-Sea in the west.

13 Shoebury East Beach,

Almost surrounded by army land, this isolated beach developed a style of its own. Popular with campers and caravanners, there were proposals in the 1930s to develop the area into a full-scale resort. These came to nothing, however. Shoeburyness' other beach is South Beach, in front of the Share House pub, formerly Shoebury Common. Each Beach lies adjacent to a 9th century Viking camp, built with earthen ramparts by marauding Northmen.

14 Beach at Thorpe Bay.

Serried ranks of beaeh huts line the beaeh at Thorpe Bay. The beaeh here was owned by the Burges family, who developed the Burges estate behind the seafront, and as ean be seen in this view, has never had any of the hustle and bustle assoeiated with the Golden Mile.

Beaen '8.nd Bathing Huts, Thorpé Bay

1 5 Thorpe Esplanade.

A No. 67 open-top seafront bus makes its way along Thorpe Esplanade towards Shoeburyness in this peaceful scene of about 1960.



1 6 Eastern Esplanade about 1910.

Taken near the Halfway House, an inn dating back at least to the 17th century, although the present building is modern. Note the tram rails in the raad. Southend's tram system was extended along Eastern Esplanade as far as Bryant Avenue in 1905, and as far as the Halfway House in 1909.

1 7 Eastern Esplanade, 1913.

A quiet vista with the tide in, looking towards Thorpe Bay on the eve of the First World War. Eastern Esplanade opened in 1899.

1 8 Bastem Esplanade, 1939.

Now the date is 1939; war looms agam and the happy summer of these trippers is about to end. This view shows the junction with Lifstan Way, then a newly-built raad connecting the seafront to Southchurch Raad and Hamstel Raad.

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