Southend-on-Sea in old picture postcards

Southend-on-Sea in old picture postcards

:   Stephen Pewsey
:   Essex
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-6195-4
:   144
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

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59 oia Leigh.

Despite the caption, this photograph seerns rather to have been taken frorn near Theebald's Wharf further west. Such striking views with weather-boarded cottages and fishing boats have attracted artists to Leigh for over a century. Iohn Constabie is said to have stayed in a cottage in the High Street, when he came to the area to sketch Hadleigh Castle.

60 Cockie Sheds, Old Leigh.

The timber cockle-sheds seen in this 1918 view are still an important feature of the Leigh scene. Longstanding Leigh families such as the Cotgraves, the Osbornes and the Meddles have been cacklers for generations, and freshlycaught Leigh shellfish is not only a traditional Essex dish, but attracts visitors from far and wide.

6 1 The First Southend Pier.

Having completed our tour of Southend's coastline, we turn now to the tewn's most famaus monument; the Pier. In the early years of the 19th century, Southend vied with Margate for the burgeoning steamship trade from London. But steamships could not land passengers at Southend at low tide thanks to Southend's fameus mud. Building of the first Pier therefore began in 1829. At first it was only half a mile lang, but after extensions in 1834,1835 and 1846, it stretched all the way across the mud to deep water. This first Pier was a wooden struc-

ture with a fairly humbie entrance building, seen in this postcard, at the foot of Pier Hill.

Soulhend-on-Sea in 1864.

Publl8bcd by J. Adam!, Fino ..ut DO)lQt, Scurbend-ca-See,

62 The Iron Pier.

The wooden Pier was bought by the Local Board in 1875, in pOOT condition, and planning began for its replacement. A new iron Pier, with a grand entrance building and pavilion was opened in 18891890, seen here in this 1905 postcard. Note the ornate cast-iron bandstand with clocktower on Pier Hill, to the right of the picture.

Ths Pier, - outhend-on- ea.

63 Pier Entrance Building.

Crowds throng around the twin cupolas of the entrance building, which was actually opened in 1885, several years before the iron Pier itself was completed.


64 The Pier Pavilion about 1955.

Opened in 1890, it was a popular attraction in its own right and staged all kinds of public events, from political meetings to tea dances. Ir was burnt down - supposedly by 'Teddy Boys'-in 1959.


65 The Pier Pavilion about 1955.

Another view, taken from a rain-swept Pier HilI. Large haardings on the pavilion roof advertise 'Dancing' and 'Music' . The resident band, the Silver Pavilions, regularly attracted large crowds, and the interior, with its art-deca design and wicker furniture, resembled nothing sa much as a ship's lounge. Note the advertisements on Pier Hili for trips to Margate. Clacton, Herne Bay and Folkestone, while Eagle steamers offer trips on the Royal Eagle to Margate for 4/6 and Ramsgate for 5/6.

66 Illuminations on the Pier.

A splendid array oflights decorate the Pier Pavilion, walkway, and the Golden Hind replica. The Illuminations had been discontinued in 1 939, but were revived in 1949.

67 Aerial view of the Pier Pavillon.

Here a pier train ean be seen heading into the station beneath the Pavilion, while on either side of the entranee walkway stand the boating lake and Peter Pari's Playground.



68 The PierWater Chute, 1904.

This sideshow was in fact not very popular, and operated only from 1901 to 1904.The basin was later converted into a swimming pool, and now houses the Golden Hind replica.

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