Strathaven in old picture postcards volume 1

Strathaven in old picture postcards volume 1

:   Robert P. Currie
:   Lanarkshire, South
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-4664-7
:   80
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

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Kirkhill, Strathaven,

A vondale Series.

9. Kirkhill, Strathaven. This view of Kirkhill, Strathaven, with 'Dhu Crag', the former manse of East Church, appearing on the extreme right of the picture and Meadowbank Farm, Stonehouse Road, appearing centre, was originally sent as aChristrnas Greetings card for season 1905/1906 by DL and Mrs. Watt of 'Greenside' to Mrs. Harvey of 'Dunira' . The view is particularly interesting because it shows Kirkhill prior to the erection of the town's War Memorial. (From the collection of MI. J. Simpson, Strathaven.)

10. Strathaven Castle. 'Arrived at Strathaven about 12 o'c1ock. Weather fine!' Here at the very heart ofthe old town, crowning a picturesque mound washed on two sides by the Pomillion is Strathaven Castie. Like many another ruin throughout ScotJand it was long regarded as a convenient quarry by the inhabitants of the neighbourhood. The structure immediately below the castle tower, on the left of the ItaJian ice cream shop that saw several changes of use before it was demolished in the 1960s, was a communal wash-house built there by the late Mr. Jimmy Riddell, plumber in Strathaven, for use by tenants of his property then located in Stonehouse Road and the gable end of which is visible to the extreme left of the picture. The wash-house was demolisbed by order of the Avondale Parish Council circa 1911. Strathaven Castle ruins are designated an ancient monument under the care of the Secretary of State for Scotland under the ownership of East Kilbride District Council who are responsible for rnaintenance of the ruined edifice.

11. Castie Falls. At this point the Pomillion Burn dashes riotously down two pretty waterfalls (High Leddy and Laigh Leddy) underneath the ruined castIe. This gives a further note of beauty to what was then still an attractive scene. The bridge spanning the CastIe Falls linked the Millholm House with Stonehouse Road. This card is postmarked Strathaven, 8th August 1904.

Castle FaIls


12. Millholm, Strathaven. This pleasant view of the Town MiIllooking from the south side towards Millholm House on the opposite side of the Pomillion Burn c1early illustrates the natural attractiveness of the spot. In the early part of this century when this postcard was published Millholm House was the residence of Mr. John Stewart, cattle dealer in Strathaven.


13. The Miller's Dam, Strathaven. This view, postmarked Strathaven, 27th July 1903, is a fine illustration of the original Town Mill (restored as a Centre for the Arts in Strathaven and District in the 1970s) - 'Better Canna Be', the Mill's original slogan remains steadfast above the old entranceway on Stonehouse Road. The work of restoration was carried out with the financial support of East Kilbride District Council and the Manpower Services Commission and initially through the voluntary assistance of local people who c1eared the site and responded to a local public appeal for direct subscriptions and Deeds of Covenant. Sheriff Nigel Thomson and Mr. Robert Currie were co-founders of the Town Mil! Restoration Project which had as its patron-in-chief, Angus, the 15th Duke of Hamilton. Mr. John Vince directed the Public Works Contract. (From the collection of Mr. W. Nicol, Princes Mail, East Kilbride.)


na U {AA.

14. Stonehouse Raad, Strathaven. The wall to the left of the picture has long since been demolished and above is Castlehill before the War Memorial was erected there. This postcard is postmarked Strathaven 13th May 1907. Meadowbank Farm is the building at the far-end of the raad. The wall of the New Cemetery is visible on the hill above the adjoining properties. This card was addressed from Bumside Cottage, Newton Road, Strathaven, and sent to Mrs. Read, 'Birchgrove', Buchanan Drive, Rutherglen.

15. The Cross, Strathaven. This view ofthe 'Old' Cross, Strathaven was taken circa 1910. The castIe grounds are the vantage point for a scene depicting the lower end of Kirk Street at its junction with Stonehouse Road. The locus is considerably changed to the extent that the quaint charm of this corner has been totally lost.

16. Stonehouse Road! Kirk Street. This view of Kirk Street at its junction with Kirk Street and North Street has changed considerably since this photograph was taken circa 1953. The buildings on both sides of the A71 have been completely demolished making a distinct change on the landscape. The building extreme left of the photograph was at one time the business premises of Messrs, R. & J. Ocr, bakers, which was adjoined by property owned by Mr. J. Riddell, plumber.

17. Kirk Street, Strathaven. This street, formerly known as Arran Street, was officially re-named Kirk Street at the building of the Avendaie Old Parish Kirk there in 1772. The ncwsagent's shop to the extreme left of the picture was run by Effie Shearer. Across the street ean be seen the ncwsagent's shop run by MT. Johnstone which formerly was a draper's shop run by MT. Pau!. Further aiong the street at the junetion of Main Street can be seen the property of Mr. R. Kyle, fruits & eonfeetions. From 1923 to 1938 Mr. Robert Marshall hadhis baker's shop at No. 42 Kirk Street. It was known as the Avondale Bakery and derived its name from the property which was in fermer times the Avondale Hotel. The Ioeation ofEffie Shearer's shop and the building at the corner of Todshil! Street are now gap sites.

18. Todshill Street from the Cross, Strathaven. Sandy Fulton's sweet shop at the corner of TodshilI Street (now a gap site) was demolished in 1985. This card is postmarked Strathaven 1915. At that time Mr. Boyd, the publican, was landlord of the Jubilee Bar (now the 1820 Tavern). Patrons of the Drumclog Inn will recognise the gable of their hostelry as being visible in the centre of this view. Miss Crozier was at one time owner/occupier of the draper's shop at the corner of the Cross and Todshill Street. (From the colleetien of Mr. John T. Murray, BellshilI.)

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