Strathaven in old picture postcards volume 1

Strathaven in old picture postcards volume 1

:   Robert P. Currie
:   Lanarkshire, South
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-4664-7
:   80
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

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19. A Corner on Powmillion Water, Strathaven. In 1911, the Coronation Year of King George V and Queen Mary, the Town Improvement Committee purchased these properties, Nos. 24 to 34 Todshill Street, which thereafter were demolished to widen the street and improve the locality. This photograph, taken at the turn of the century, shows these properties backing on to Pomillion Water and overlooking the castIe grounds.

on Pomillion Water, Strathaven

20. Todshill Street, Strathaven. This postcard (a middle view of Todshill Street) has been all the way 'down under' to Australia and back again. It was posted in Strathaven, 17th October 1912, and addressed to Mr. William Aiton in Trangie, New South Wales, c/o The GPO Sydney. It reads: Dear Willie, this is one of Strathaven's latest picture postcards. I suppose you will know the place weil enough and also our old friends Jamie Campbell and Maggie. lohn and I are stilt here and having a very nice holiday. Mother is enjoying good health and baby is welt. Sincerely hoping you are getting on alright and enjoying health and happiness. The building in the foreground left with its fine example of crowstep gabling was a dwelling house occupied by the Richmond family. Next door, its outside lamp visible above its entrance-way, was the business of Mr. Buchan, plumber. Mr. Dawson, the local chimney sweep, occupied the house on the extreme right of the picture.

21. Central Station, Strathaven. The Caledonian Railway Company opened the Central Station in Strathaven in 1904. This is an excellent view of the passenger station and goods yard. The Station closed in the 1960s. (From the collection of Mrs. Pat KiJgore, Strathaven.)

Southend, Strathaven.

22. Southend, Strathaven. The buildings to the left of this photograph were originally weaving shops with living accommodation above. Beyond these, on what is now the site of Strathaven Fire Station, was an area of garden ground owned by 'Semples' of The Tannery. Immediately opposite on the right of the picture can be seen No. 3 Newton Road (the birthplace of Mr. John Summers in 1896) who reealls that in his youthNo. 1 Newton Road was a tavem. The Tannery was located in Newton Road irnmediately behind the existing property of that name, the area of which stretched down to the Bogie Burn.

Newton Road, Strathaven.

23. Newton Raad, Strathaven. Newton Road leads from Southend into the open countryside. The thoroughfare, formerly named Brewery Close, is also the access road to the local authority housing estate of Dovecastle , which perpetuates the name of an ancient edifice known locally as the old Dovecastle. The late Miss Nellie Wiseman who resided at Rowan Cottage, 13 Newton Road, recalled to the author her memories of the old DovecastIe where she lived as a child when the building was in use as a tenemental dwelling. A large locking key for the DovecastIe was a proud possession of Miss Wisernan who latterly passed it on to another local resident. The present owners of Rowan Cottage namely, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Williamson, recently uncovered a stone Iintel engraved with the date 1778 found in the basement of the cottage during their renovations.

24. The Shoogly Brig and Primrose Braes, Strathaven. In the countryside surrounding Strathaven one of the many fine walks is undoubtedly that via Todshill and Newton Road by way of 'Elderslie' and 'Greathill' to the Shoogly Brig and Primrose Braes. Local people retain fond memories of this idyllic spot and of picnies spent there of seemingly endless summer days of childhood past. This view is on the old Shoogly Brig. The little stone built hut at the lower end of the footpath was that used by the Strathaven Volunteers as a shelter during their manoeuvres and otherwise as an ammunition store. The Volunteers had a target range on that side of the Avon Water and Mr. Summers recalls his boyhood ploy of collecting lead bullet cartridges on the banks and braes. The Shoogly Brig and Prirnrose Braes is one ofthe recognised Rights ofWay in Avondale.

25. Lesmahagow Road, Strathaven. Mr. William Hamilton, son of Mr. James Hamilton, cheese merchant in Strathaven, had this handsome dwelling built on Lesrnahagow Road. Known as 'The Beeches' it occupies the former site of Sam Reid's Farrnhouse. The Beeches is currently owned by Mr. and Mrs. Angus Stewart.

Meeting of Kype Water near Frew's Steps, Strathaven.

26. Meeting of Kype Water. This attractive spot is typical ofthe many beauty spots with which Strathaven is surrounded. The employees of the Old Spectacle E'e Mil! at Sandford used this crossing at Kype Water as a shortcut on their route to work.

Gallowhill Faern.Strerhaven.

27. Gallowhill Farm, Strathaven. In former times there was a pond running the length of the roadway into the farm from the old Sandford Road which in winter was a favourite retreat for ice skating. In 1896 there was one 'Fleming' resident at Gallowhill and afterwards Mr. Gilchrist. However, the farm has known quite a few changes of ownership. lts lands extended to the Pomillion Burn on one side and the River Avon on the other with grounds on the other side of Sandford Raad. The farm takes its name from the original site of the Gallows Tree of ancient times. The present owners of the farm namely, Mr. and Mrs. James Dalziel manage the policies as a tourist caravan park and caravan sales centre.

Boo-Bccked Br ig,


28. Boo-Backed Brig, The Boo-Backed Brig which spans the Pomillion Burn near 'The Cross' adds a quaint touch to that part of the old town. The brig (late 18th century) has been well-preserved and is a Category B listed structure within the Strathaven Conservation Area.

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