Strathaven in old picture postcards volume 1

Strathaven in old picture postcards volume 1

:   Robert P. Currie
:   Lanarkshire, South
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-4664-7
:   80
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

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29. A Bit of Old Strathaven. A lane connecting 'The Cross' and Bridge Street via the Boo-Backed Brig was known as 'Skippy' or Barries Close. A collection of properties known as 'The Island' and situated on the east side of Barries Close was demolished in the 1950's. Bridge Street at the opposite end of 'Skippy' across the bridge was formerly known as Baldy Miller's Close. The thatched roof dwelling on the right of the picture was still much in evidence in the 1920's. This was the property of the local 'Cooper' and many in Strathaven still reeall his butts and barrels and his fire in the middle of the street essential to his trade. The Salvation Army Hall is discernable to the left ofthe picture. lts successor, located in The Ward, was demolished in 1987 to make way for new proposals for housing and car-parking in that area of town. The bit of Old Strathaven pictured here has long since been demolished.

30. Waterside Streel, Strathaven. A general view of Waterside Street at its junction with Bridge Street dated 1916. Alexander Taylor, baker, 3/5 Bridge Street, noted as the oldest surviving business in Strathaven, continues to serve customers from the town and a wide area beyond. This business has been successfully extended to include premises at Unit 12 at the historie 'Briggait', Clyde Street, Glasgow. This postcard shows Archibald Sellers, stationer, next door to Taylor's shop and beyond that the premises of MT. William McDonald. Across the street can be seen Messrs. Harvey's, coach bodybuilders, a business established in the 18th century and which continued trading into the first half of this century.

31. Common Green, Strathaven. This view of the Common Green is barely recognisable today. Postmarked 1908 it shows the former Bank of Scotland building with the adjacent old Commercial Hotel which latterly became the business premises ofthe late Mr. James Watson, garage proprietor. This branch ofthe Bank of Scotland, opened in 1839, closed its doors in 1967. This complete frontage was demolished in 1969 prior to the designation of the Strathaven Conservation Area Order. The site was redeveloped to provide commercial pre mises which now comprise the offices of Messrs. J. & J. Barrie, solicitors, the new Bank of Scotland premises and Messrs. Botterill's supermarket. An access to a car-parking area off common Green was also provided.

32. Cornrnon Green, Strathaven. A scene such as this without vehicular traffic of any description is in marked contrast with today's conditions in Strathaven's Common Green. This expansive view looks towards the former Crown Hotel (now 'The Weavers') at the junction of New Cross and Townhead Street. On the extreme left of the postcard can be seen the frontage of the former Bank of Scotland building with the Commercial Hotel and its stabIe entrance beyond. On the right at the furthermost end of the Green can be seen the protruding elevation of the former Greenside Church. Nearby is the property of Mr. R. Jenkins, shoefitter, whose premises comprised the former residence and consulting rooms of the late and much respected Dr. Alan Watt, general practitioner in Strathaven, whose noted collection of slides of old Strathaven, photographed between the years 1880-1900, were published by Strathaven and District Round Table in 1979 under the title 'Strathaven 100 years on'.


/I'C711 Cross and Toumltead Street, Stratho.uen, ne'-'AB"" ~ "R,e ??

~rtea#j~~i~~- thd-~

33. New Cross and Townhead Street. Postmarked Hamilton, 2nd June 1904, this view ofNew Cross and Townhead Street shows the milk cart operated by Mr. Neil Strachan, dairyman, at Nos. 7/9 Townhead Street. Mr. Robert MarshalI, baker, succeeded Mr. Strachan at these business premises in 1938. The provisions merchant on the left ofthe picture was adjoined by Willie Stirrat's china shop. The shop on the righthand side ofthe picture is that of Adam Grierson, grain merchant and family grocer.

Published by A. Xorton, St.tioner, Str"thne a, LETHAME ROAD, STRATHAVEN

34. Lethame Raad, Strathaven. A part of Lethame Raad which in 1913, when this postcard was on sale locally, remained a quiet walk-way. On the right of the picture are the newly built villas by Andrew Park, buiJder in Strathaven. On the left-hand side is the entrance to the John Hastie Park. The handsome spire of Rankin Church pierces the skyline. The present Minister of Rankin Church is Reverend Alistair Jessamine, M.A., B.D.

35. Lethame Road and Crosshill Road, Strathaven. An essential of life in the country was a good house. In this respect, Strathaven was fortunately situated. Dwellings were finished in the best style and were ample in accommodation and equipped with the latest conveniences. Rents were low. For !i8 to ;(23 one could have a four room and kitchen villa with a bit of ground attached. The rates were not high. In 1911 the assessment for tenants was 2s.lOlJId per El, while on owners the rate was 3s.1d. Feus were cheap-from Is. perpole. In 1908 when this postcard was sent to Miss Aiton, Millholmhead, it was comrnon for children to make their play in the street. The boys on the extreme right are 'stilt-walkers'. Mr. Robertson of the 'Star Inn' was at one time resident in part of this double-villa at the junction of Lethame Road and Crosshill Road.

~he Crescent, Cro$shill 1{oad, Strathaoen.

36. The Crescent, Crosshill Raad, Strothaven. There are many fine residences at The Crescent, but the most prominent of these is the West Church Manse seen on the left of this card. The present Minister of Strathaven West Church is Reverend Robert McVey.

37. Townhead Street, Strathaven. This view of Townhead Street is postmarked 16th November 1916. It is a view of the street prior to the demolition of several of the cottages on the right hand side which were removed to make way for the building of the Strathaven Post Office. On the opposite side of the street several of the cottages, including the old blacksmith's shop, were dernolished and the Ritz Cinema was built on the vacant site. The Cinema, an art nouveau style building, has been preserved and restored as a block of flats styled 'Ritz Apartments' .

38. East Church Manse. The present Minister of East Parish Church, the Reverend William T. Stewart, B.D., resides with his family here at 'Westdene', the East Church Manse, Townhead Street. 'Westdene' was formerly the residence of Mr. McCowan, banker in Strathaven, and was later occupied by Dr. Alan Watt. The property was purchased by East Parish Church as their manse wben the former manse of 'Dhu Crag', Stonehouse Road, was sold.

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