Strathaven in old picture postcards volume 1

Strathaven in old picture postcards volume 1

:   Robert P. Currie
:   Lanarkshire, South
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-4664-7
:   80
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

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39. Crofthead, Strathaven. This group of buildings known as 'Crofthead' , including a farm of that name, was 10cated at the junction of the Darvel and the Muirkirk roads, Modern-day residents of Strathaven will recognise it as the site of Park's of Hamilton's garage.

40. Mrs. Cumming at her Spinning Wheel. This photograph is of Jean Dalziel (relict of Robert Cumming) who died at Crofthead, Strathaven, on Saturday, 21st July 1888, aged 85 years. Her memorial reads:

A light is from our household gone, A voice we loved is stilled,

A place is vacant at our hearth, Which never can be filled.

Ryland Street, Strathaven

41. Ryeland Street. This view of Ryeland Street, published by James G. Lorimer, stationer, Strathaven, illustrates the street scene in 1936 when the last housing development was completed.


Avendafe Perish Churoh, Strstheven

42. Avendale Parish Church, Strathaven. The Parish Church was built on its existing site in 1772. It was formerly located in the old grave yard where the original or parent church, St. Mary's Chapel, existed in the 11 th century. Repairs were carried out in 1735, but the chapel was altogether demolished in 1772. In 1972 the bi-centenary of the building of the church was celebrated and commemorated by the installation of a stained-glass window depicting St. Andrew the fisherman and the industries of the parish with the symbol of the burning bush. Reverend J ames P. Fraser, the present Minister, was welcomed to the congregation in 1970. The church is a Category B listed building and is described as Avendale Old Parish, 1772: Renovated 1879, Milne Bell1750.

Thomson Street, Strathaven.

43. Thomson Street, Strathaven. This view of Thomson Street, which lies between Townhead Street and Kirk Street, is changed to the extent that the building on the extreme left, Frew's textile factory, is now a gap site.

44. Thomson Street and Public Hall, Strathaven. Strathaven Public Hall has a frontage of 5V feet along Kirk Street and 100 feet along Thomson Street. It was officially opened in 1896 and was the local centre for functions of all kinds, including film shows and dances; it served the public for over 70 years untill969. It was out of use until1975 when it was acquired by the local Scouts and Guides as a centre for their activities and re-named The Scout and Guide Centre.

Cross- and Kirk Street, Stra-thaven

45. Cross and Kirk Street, Strathaven. When this view was taken John Morrison's Sun Hotel advertised as a hiring establishment for open and closed carriages. The sign on the building points to his office and stables and it is interesting to note an early motor car parked nearby. Opposite Sun Hotel the sign reads 'The Cyclists' Rest' and what is now a busy thoroughfare was typical of a quiet country town of the period. In the distance beyond the Cross is Sandknowe.


46. Green Street, Strathaven. This card, in Brown's Series, is postmarked 25th September 1903. The message reads: All's well, good weather. This frontage is now largely made up of commercial premises.On the extreme left the Crown Hotel (now the Weavers) is clearly visible. The terraeed front has been braken at the area where Gateway's foodstore is now located. The old basements of these buildings were prone to flooding when the Pomillion Water ran high and it is interesting to note that the basement windows are visible on some of the properties. Note also the whiter than snow washing laid out on the bleaching green.

47. East United Free Church, Strathaven. The United Free Church of Scotland was formed in the year 1900 after many years of negotiation, by the Union of the Free Church of Scotland and the United Presbyterian Church. This postcard, starnped at Strathaven 2nd October 1903, is distinctive for its view ofThe Fountain gifted to the town by Mr. Jarnes Kershaw and erected at the Common Green in 1898. In 1900The Fountain was removed to the site iIlustrated here. As can be seen, it was highlyornamental and even had a gas lantern. In 1948 it was entirely removed.

Rev. ALEXANDER W. DO~ ALDSON. llfinlĂ»~r of tast LL.-Ji/2d rr~e r!hurd: of Strotboven.

48. Reverend Alexander W. Donaldson B.A. This rare postcard of Reverend Alexander W. Donaidson, B. A., Minister of East United Free Church of Strathaven, was published by A. Morton, stationer, Strathaven, in 1914, to commemorate the celebration of the Golden Jubilee of his ministry. On 11th April 1870, Reverend Donaldson was called to East United Free Church and answered that call on 31st May. On 5th July of that year he was inducted as Minister. He esteemed above all the tribute of a devoted people and next to that the reputation of his fellow-townsmen.

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