Strathaven in old picture postcards volume 1

Strathaven in old picture postcards volume 1

:   Robert P. Currie
:   Lanarkshire, South
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-4664-7
:   80
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

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Walker's Bridge, Strathaven.

49. Walker's Bridge, Strathaven. This is a postcard from the 1890s. The building on the left at that time was known as the Pomillion Bar, owned by the Jennings family. It was latterly the business premises of Mr. Tom Drysdale, the last saddler in Strathaven. (From the collection of Mrs. Bertha Drysdale, Strathaven.)

SO. Barn Streel Corner and Waterside, Strathaven. Strathaven Police Station occupies the site of the cottages on the right hand side of this picture postcard, hence the more open prospect of the East Church when visitors arrive in the town via Barn Street.

Ballgreen. Strathaven C 134

51. Ballgreen Strathaven. The property on the extreme right known as 'Meadowpark' was built in the first quarter of the 19th century in the Georgian style, The area of Ballgreen was essentially a weaving district and there was, until recent times, a milliade which had its course along the western side of this roadway. The site of the present Ballgreen Community Hall and the Library was that of the farmer Ballgreen School.

52. Holm Street, Strathaven. This can be best described as a 'hamely' view of Holm Street. The gas lamp standard standing sentine! at the open doorway where neighbours chat, the boy in the street, and the carter altogether comprise a delightful photographic study. Here we see Mrs. Andrews chatting at her door with nurse Fleming. (Published bykind permission of Mrs. J. Leggate, Strathaven.)

53. Public Park and Pond, Strathaven. Strathaven Public Park and Pond have long been the foeal point for day trippers and Sunday School outings. The original pond was built in 1925. By the early 1980s it was obvious that major repairs were necessary. Although various repairs were attempted, in the following years Bast Kilbride District Council began to consider a scheme for a complete rebuild. On Saturday, 25th April 1987 , the official opening of the re-constructed boating pond was performed by District Councillor Alan Dick, Convener of the Recreational Services Committee.

54. The George Allan Public Park, Strathaven. This card, posted in Strathaven on 25th June 1910, typifies an Edwardian Sunday with music in the park. The bandstand was designed by Mr. Andrew S. Downie, architect in Strathaven. The official opening of the George Allan Public Park was planned to coincide with the Coronation Day of King Edward VII on 26th June 1902. The park was gifted to the town by means of a bequest of the Reverend James Allan in memory of his only child, George John Allan, who died as the result of an accident 1887. On the official opening of the Park there was a display by Strathaven Gymnastic Club, a planting of Royal Coronation Oak Trees by Mrs. Stewart, Dunavon and Mrs. Dykes, Overton, and a distribution of prizes and new pennies to children by Mrs. Park, Ballgreen House, and Miss Cochran, Castleview. The handing over of the George Allan Public Park was made by Major Cochran, on behalf of the Allan Trustees. The musical programme by the choir under its conductor, Mr. William Rankin, was interspersed with instrumental music by Strathaven and Ouarter Brass Bands. Temperanee refreshments were supplied by MT. John McColl, on the field at regular prices. Fruits and confeetions were supplied by Mr. William Sempie. (From the collection of Mr. A.D. Wickes, Hamilton.)

55. Walker's Dam from Public Park, Strathaven. This view ofWalker's Dam from the Public Park is postrnarked Strathaven 14th July 1915. It is one in the Reliable Series. The tenement building on the extreme right was known as "The Hospital' .

Sweeties Brae and Bungalows, Strathaven

56. Sweeties Brae and Bungalows, Strathaven. This scene has ehanged considerably as a consequence of the field on the right-hand side of the picture having been opened up to provide an access road to the Local Authority Housing Estate ofWester Overton, namely Woodhill Road. In the foreground ean be seen 'Roslyn', the former residenee ofthe late Mr. George Neilson, with 'Collisdene' to the rear.

57. Collisdene, Strathaven. The residence of 'CoIlisdene' was built at the turn of the century. However, since 1910 it has been in use as a private nursing home. Strathaven Nursing Home, as it is now known, is owned and administered by Mr. and Mrs. Jarnes Cringan.

58. Hapton Crags, Strathaven. No collection of postcards would be complete without a view of Hapton Crags which remains a pleasant walk.

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