Strathaven in old picture postcards volume 1

Strathaven in old picture postcards volume 1

:   Robert P. Currie
:   Lanarkshire, South
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-4664-7
:   80
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

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59. Glasgow Road, Strathaven. This view of Glasgow Road in the 1930s at its junction with Barn Street and Commercial Road is greatly changed. The Dale Cinema (extreme left) was demolished in the late 1970s and the site is now part of the luxury flats known as 'Parkview' . The buildings at the corner of Commercial Road and Glasgow Road are now demolished and the corner is an attractive open space laid out as a public garden.


60. Commercial Road, Strathaven. The building on the extreme left is adjoined by what was formerly the residence and business premises of Messrs. Charles Weir, agricultural engineers. It is noteworthy that Charles Weir started in business in the year 1632 at the village of Shotts; his successors moving in 1744 to B1ackburn Mill, near Chapelton, and finally to the pre mises at Commercial Road, Strathaven, in 1884. The works were closed in 1969. Thereafter the house and works were demolished and the site developed as Townpark Garage. The buildings on the right hand side have, since 1924, been the toffee works ofMr. Samuel Gilmour whose product 'Gilmour's Stra'ven Toffee' is sold throughout the country.

61. Allingham, Draper. The former business and residential premises ofT. Allingham, draper, are now a private dwelling house. This prestigious property at Commercial Road is distinctive as being after the classical style in architecture of 'Greek Thomson', (Reproduced by kind permission of Mr. R. Allingham, 'Craignethan', Strathaven.)

62. Overton District, Strathaven. This broad view of Overton District is in contrast with the scene as it exists today. The open field area which stretched from Overton Road to Meadowbank and, in part, as far north as Wester Overton House and Hamilton Road has been developed entirely for housing. The group ofbuildings in the foreground of the picture, including Hallbyres, was demolished in the 1970s. To the right of these are the buildings linked to the corner of Overton Road at its junction with Commercial Road. In the far distance are the original semi-villas of Meadowbank Avenue.

_ 'Pfth1i ?. 'h.-1 h-. .4._ 'M"n'I"tAft.. ~tatloft.Ar. Str.a.tha ea, OVERTON ROAD, STRATHAVEN

63. Overton Raad, Strathaven, This tranquil view of Overton Road was taken at the turn of the century. At the extreme right is the old bank building which once stood in the middle of Common Green and opened in 1857 as a branch ofThe Royal Bank of Scotland. This building was removed stone by stone and re-Iocated at the corner of Overton Road and Commercial Road in 1891. Overton Road is now an access road to the many new private residences at Meadowbank Avenue, Orchard Gardens, Primrose PI ace and beyond as weil as providing access to the Wester Overton Primary School and the Local Authority Housing Estate ofWester Overton.

The Thatcn House, North Streee, Strathaveo

(The oldest House in Strathaven)

64. The Thatch House (the oldest house in Strathaven}, North Street. The author received two prints of this card, one postmarked 1903 and the other 1920. These postal dates are indicative of the fact that this tranquil view of Strathaven's North Street was on saJe as a picture postcard over a long period of years, for it is undoubtedly a scene of the 1880s/1890s. A few of the cottages to the right of the picture remain, but everything to the left has long since disappeared. However, the thatched house remained into the first quarter of this century. The site of the thatched house is approximate with the position of the access wad to the High Gate ofthe New Cemetery. (From the collection of Mrs. J. McMillan, 'Parkview' , Strathaven.)

65. We're Proud of our boys here at Strathaven. They shall not grow old as we that are left grow old, age shall not weary.them nor the years condemn, at the going down of the sun, and In the morning, we will rernernber thern.

We're proud of our boys here at


Dur boys to history wilt go down,

The brightest jewe1s in Britain's crown.

66. War Memorial, Strathaven. This memorial to the honoured memory of the men of Avondale who feIl in The Great War 1914-1918 and in the Second World War 1939-1945 was unveiled and dedicated on Kirkhill on Saturday, 3rd June 1922. That day there was held a Divine Service in the Parish Church at 2.45 pm. and, thereafter a march to Kirkhill headed by the band of the 1st Batallion Royal Scots Fusiliers for the unveiling ceremony. The unveiling of the memorial was performed by Mrs. H. Lee Dykes, East Overton, and the Address given by Lt.-General Sir Francis I. Davies, K.C.B., K.C.M.G., K.C.V.O., A.D.A., Comrnander-in-Chief of the Farces in Scotland. The band played the lament, 'The Flowers 0' the Forest'. The memorial was handed over to the care of the Parish Council by James Barrie, Esq., I.P., and custody accepted by John Bertram, Esq., I.P., Chairman ofthe Council. It is now in the care of East Kilbride District Council. There could be no more fitting site in Strathaven for the memorial to the fallen of the Great War and the Second World War than that of Kirkhill. It crowns the hil! and stands sentinel above the OldJNew Graveyards and New Cemetery. An annual service of remembrance, led by members of the Royal British Legion, is held at the War Memoriaion the Sunday nearest the eleventh of the month of November and at the eleventh hour. The occasion is known as Armistice Sunday. They passed from the sight of men by the path of duty and selfsacrifice.

67. Strathaven from War Memorial. At first sight the scene from the War Memoriallooking down to North Street across the town to the Public Park and the surrounding countryside appears little changed. On close scrutiny, however, one can observe old Tam Kerr's field which was developed as a Local Authority housing scheme in 1935 and named Loudon Streel.

68. Sandknowe, Strathaven. Nothing whatsoever rernains of this area so characteristic of old Strathaven. The thoroughfare remains as an extension to Castie Street leading to North Street and Commercial Road. All the properties shown here were demolished in the 19608. The Strathaven Telephone Exchange, built in 1969, adjoined by a smal! grassed area, replaces this old street scene.

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