Teesside and Old Cleveland / A Final Selection?

Teesside and Old Cleveland / A Final Selection?

:   Robin Cook
:   Cleveland
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-5650-9
:   144
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

Levertijd: 2-3 weken (onder voorbehoud). Het getoonde omslag kan afwijken.


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99. An Armstrong (of Stockton) postcard of the Paddock at Stockton Racecourse, about 1905. lust a distant memory now, with the closing of the racecourse in recent years, and its subsequent redevelopment.

100. A quiet scene in Stockton High Street about 1909. Note the horse-drawn taxi carriages on the right. Some idea of the interesting original shops' fa├žade on the east side of the High Street can be seen on the right.

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101. The splendid piano and harmonium showroom of the firm of S.S. Eades, which lay next to the Unicorn Hotel on the east side of Stockton High Street, Agents for the prestigious Bechstein pianos, they also display the purchase terms for their harmoniums, the highest being 20 shillings per month. On the back of this advertising postcard, we learn that one of the lady assistants was Annie Jobling.

102. An early Armstrong postcard of Stock ton High Street and Town Hall. Taken about 1908, the market stalls are clearly visible on the left, whilst various pony traps have been parked on the right, but the ponies themselves are nowhere to be seen!

103. An interesting view of Stockton High Street before the turn of the century, probably taken by Michael Heavisides himself. The Dodshon drinking fountain featured here was built by public subscription in 1878, but was moved to Ropner Park in 1893. The famous Black Lion Hotel can be seen in the background.

104. A deeorated donkey poses in front of Stoekton Town Hall at the Peaee Celebrations on 19th July 1919. Donkey racing was a regular feature of the historie Cherry Fair events eaeh year in Stockton.

105. A momentous occasion at the north end of Stockton High Street on 29th November 1913, when Peekstons held a special sale to mark the transfer of the business to Maxwell's. For many years afterwards this site was known as Maxwell's Corner, at the junction with Bishopton Lane.

106. A reminder of Stockton's history of shipbuilding, with the launch of the 'Troutbeck' from Ropner's Shipyard on 21st October 1903. The shipyard was on the bend of the river below the parish church.

107. Crowds gather on the quayside at Stockton, to watch the launch ofthe 1,462-tons S.S. Rosecliffe from the yard of Craig Taylor and Company on the Thornaby bank. The date is 23rd July 1888. A tug stands by in the river, and a fully masted ship can be seen moored on the left.

108. A sad sight - the Theatre Royal in Stock ton gutted by fire on 28th August 1906. The theatre stood near to the corner of the High Street and Yarm Lane. Many of Stockton's theatres suffered similar fates over the years, as a result of carelessness and lack of proper fire regulations.

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