Teesside and Old Cleveland / A Final Selection?

Teesside and Old Cleveland / A Final Selection?

:   Robin Cook
:   Cleveland
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-5650-9
:   144
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

Levertijd: 2-3 weken (onder voorbehoud). Het getoonde omslag kan afwijken.


Fragmenten uit het boek 'Teesside and Old Cleveland / A Final Selection?'

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19. An impressive view of the annual Corpus Christi procession in Middlesbrough, with the Roman Catholic Bishop in the centre. Taken in the 1920's, from the appearance of the bystanders.

20. A charming view of the kindergarten class at the Newlands School at St. Mary's Convent, on Borough Raad, Middlesbrough, about 1910. The children in the front row have their hands together, and prayers we re probably being said, or a service being held, when the photographer called.

21. A fine view of tram No. 106 on Linthorpe Road, Middlesbrough, with the usual chilly ride for the tramdriver! The Linthorpe to the Transporter Bridge tram route required single-decker trams in order to get under the railway station bridge in Albert Road. From the 1920's.

22. A splendid Haig Parry postcard view of the tram terminus in the Crescent, Linthorpe. The photographer's studio was just off to the left of the picture, next to Pybus' shop. The elegant car was probably Mr. Parry's - it appears on a number of his postcards.

23. The Linthorpe firm of W.G. Edmond were responsible for building many of the early country buses serving the Teesside and North Riding areas. Their garage premises can still be seen in Oliver Street. In the foreground is a new taxi for Turners of Grangetown, the latest product of Edmond's 'Carriage Works' in the early 1920's.

24. A curious photograph of what was originally a mystery group, but the clue was on the box in the left foreground. Taken at the premises of the oil refinery firm of Theo Phillips Son & Co at the Tees Dil Works in North Road, Middlesbrough. The trophy appears to re late to a tennis competition, about 1910.

25. Taken in 1905 in North Ormesby on Stephenson Street, with Tees Street offto the right behind the horse. A IocaI delivery service makes its way around the quiet streets.

26. An intriguing view of two men making sorne kind of rep airs in the roadway on North Ormesby Raad about 1910. Thomas' Toll Bar Coal Depot ean be seen on the left behind the crossing gates, and a group of boys sits on the wall watching the action.

27. Another view in North Ormesby Raad, ab out 1910, with the Toll Bar and rail crossing in the background. Note the entrance to Thomas' Coal Store on the right.



28. A peaceful view of rural Marton, with the original Rudd's Arms on the extreme left. Compare this scene from about 1908 with today's traffic, when crossing Marton Road at this point is very much a hazardous occupation.

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