Teesside and Old Cleveland / A Final Selection?

Teesside and Old Cleveland / A Final Selection?

:   Robin Cook
:   Cleveland
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-5650-9
:   144
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

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29. A charming postcard study of Nunthorpe Village, by Ross, the Whitby photographer, posted in 1913. This view is taken opposite Nunthorpe Hall, which is on the right. The modern Nunthorpe suburb of Middlesbrough developed around the railway station, a mile across the fields.

30. A fine view of Nelson Street in South Bank, about 1910, with Amos Hinton's grocery store on the right. The Buttercup Dairy Company's premises are in the left foreground.

31. A spectacular view of men werking on the Coke Ovens at the South Bank Iron Works of Bolckow and Vaughan. Clouds of steam accompanied the coke quenching operation, and the work could be hazardous. Taken about 1915.

32. A grim reminder of the old housing conditions in the Teesside area. This cobbled service passage was Back Codd Street in South Bank in 1910. Several doorways into house backyards can be seen, together with hatch doors for coal delivery.

33. Taken in the depot garage of the Teesside Railless Traction Board in Middlesbrough Road, Sou th Bank, in the very early years of this service - perhaps late 1919. The routes took in North Ormesby, South Bank, Normanby and Grangetown. Note the solid tyres on these early trolley buses. The depot was demolished in 1992, due to vandalism, but the service had been discontinued in 1971.

34. The 'South Bank in Normanby' Urban District Council fire brigade, based at South Bank Town Hall, but seen here about 1905 outside the school in Normanby. Robert Ramsden was the fire captain, and had fifteen firemen when fully mustered. What excitement when the pair of horses galloped into view on their way to a fire, and what a precarious ride for the firemen!

35. A leisurely drive in a pony and trap for three ladies as they pass the old Poverina Hotel in Norrnanby. John W. Moon was the licensee - about 1905 - and Mrs. Moon appcars to be cleaning the upstairs windows!

36. A touching scene from 1904 in South Bank Raad, Normanby, when the photographer assembied the local children on the muddy raad. The boys mostly wear large white collars, whilst the girls can be seen in their traditional pinafore dresses.

37. A postcard from the time ofthe Great War, 1914to 1918. The caption on the back ofthe card reads: 'The Old Boys of Old Normanby.' Copies were sent to those serving from the district in the war, with the added comment: 'With Best Wishes from the Old Folks at Home.' The wheelchair is particularly impressive!

38. Eston High St reet -later developed at this point into The Square - about 1908. The row of shops on the left has changed considerably. The building in the distance on the right was Lodge Farm, now gone.

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