Teesside and Old Cleveland / A Final Selection?

Teesside and Old Cleveland / A Final Selection?

:   Robin Cook
:   Cleveland
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-5650-9
:   144
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

Levertijd: 2-3 weken (onder voorbehoud). Het getoonde omslag kan afwijken.


Fragmenten uit het boek 'Teesside and Old Cleveland / A Final Selection?'

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59. A familiar beach scene in the early days on the Yorkshire coast, with a company of entertainers on their special stage. Harry Willats 'White Stars Concert Party' were probably performing in the 1920's, to the delight of the holidaymakers. The advent of television in recent times has led to more sophisticated forms of entertainment, but not necessarily for the better.

60. The Redear and Saltburn Band, taken in front of the Redear bandstand about 1910. An interesting assortment of instruments ean be seen, including a double bass on the left.

61. Possibly the same band, at the same bandstand, but with an admiring audience enjoying the musie in the sunshine, again about 1910.

62. This 'Monarch' postcard from the 1930's shows one of the splendid relics of the history of old Marske - the Tithe Barn. The building has been considerably reduced in height at a more recent date, but appears here in its original state - an imposing and significant structure.

63. An open-air service in front of the Church of St. Andrewat Upleatham in 1920 - presumably the dedication of the new War Memorial following the Great War. The people hold service sheets, but the clergyman is out of view on the high bank of the churchyard on the left-hand side of the picture. The church has now been converted into a private house, and the War Memorial moved to a more appropriate setting.

64. Taken about 1913 outside the Zetland Hotel at Saltburn, th is splendid motorcar carries the Right Honourable Herbert Samuel M.P., who was the Postmaster General and also the Member of Parliament for the Cleveland Division.

65. The Peace Celebrations in Saltburn in 1919, opposite the Queen Hotel, which lies behind the camera. Soldiers are much in evidence, and a parade can be seen in the right eentre. A postcard produced by the well-known Pitchforth Studio.

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66. A postcard of the Oid Skelton Prize Band in 1908, sent by a young man to his friend in North Ormesby Cottage Hospital. The very solemn faces of the band members were hardly likely to help in his recuperation!

67. Taken at Bell Brothers' Lumpsey Ironstone Mines at Brotton no later than 1920, this impressive line of polieemen suggests that there may have been some industrial relations problems in the offing.

68. A view of the Workmen's Club at Carlin How, situated on the main Bratton Road. Some building work is still going on, the board of Gates and Co, the loeal building contractors, leaning against the wall of the club. The shop on the right was run by Mrs. Barbara Ann Trenholm, the date being about 1912.

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