Teesside and Old Cleveland / once more

Teesside and Old Cleveland / once more

:   Robin Cook
:   Cleveland
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-5215-0
:   144
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

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9. Crowds line the approach to the Newport Bridge on its opening day on 28 February 1934. On the right is Samuelson Street and on the left is Calvert Street. The Duke and Duchess of York crossed the bridge both ways in their RoIls Royce, before having lunch at the Town Hall. The Duchess is now the Queen Mother.

10. Posted in the summer of 1914, just before the Great War, this card shows Corporation Raad at a time when the trams were in their hey day. The Wesleyan Chapel on the right was opened in 1863, but was replaced by the British Home Stores building in the 1950's.

ALLISON BROS., Ironmongers & Hardware Merchants,

Di tributces of the Tees. E k and Y orkshire Fi hing Licenses,

Nat. Tel. No. 835 97 Linthorpe Road. MIDDLESBROUGH.

11. A typical advertising card for a local business - Allisons was to be found at the junction of Linthorpe Raad and Grange Raad, which was later the site of Wright's Tower House. Allisons sold a wide range of items - from craftsman's tools and cutlery to fishing tackle, paint and cycle accessories! Dating from about 1908.

12. One of the most famous of all Middlesbrough Football Club players - goalkeeper Tim Williamson. He played 563 games for the club - still a record - made seven appearances for the England team, and served the 'Boro from before 1903 up to 1923.

13. The famous grocery business of Amos Hinton began in 1871 in South Street, Middlesbrough, and eventually grew to nearly fifty branches in the North-East. This postcard of their staff football team dates from 1910. Football strip has developed considerably since the early days!

14. A splendid view of a line of trams running a special service up Linthorpe Raad from the Town Centre to Albert Park, where presumably a special event was being held. The Dorman Museum lies just off to the right. The trams are crowded with excited children and ladies with elegant hats. Taken about 1912.

15. Taken almost at the same place - the tower of the Park Wesleyan Chapel (built 1905) in the background, with a single deck tram on its way to Linthorpe Village. Dating probably from the early 1920's.

16. The pre mises of Rowland Winn's garage in Linthorpe Road, ne ar the junction with Devonshire Road, in the early 1930's. American commercial vehicles were already in prominence. Shell petrol at 1I7d a gallon, according to the pump signs above the doors. The old Cooperative Stores building can just be seen on the left.

17. Bus number 63 - a Bristol single decker in the livery of the Imperial Tramways Company. lts route is shown as being from the Exchange Buildings to Cambridge Road via Abingdon Road. The driver was John Hutchinson, and the conductor was Harold Readman. Taken shortly before the Great War, about 1913.

18. An impressive police funeral in Middlesbrough, in December 1931. Inspeetor Bert Smith was having tribute paid to hirn on this occasion, and a large guard of honour is lined up in the street opposite the residence, probably in Granville Road.

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