Teesside and Old Cleveland / once more

Teesside and Old Cleveland / once more

:   Robin Cook
:   Cleveland
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-5215-0
:   144
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

Levertijd: 2 - 3 werkdagen (onder voorbehoud). Het getoonde omslag kan afwijken.


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39. The scene in 1911 at the Stockton Cherry Fair Races, where donkey racing was a traditional feature. The setting is the old Victoria Football Club, off Oxbridge Lane. A large crowd has gat he red to enjoy this ancient event.

40. An impressive array of Walton's removal vehicles, with all their staff posed in white aprons, lined up in Stock ton High Street in April 1924. Evidently they were moving the contents of one of the larger shops to alternative pre mises in West HartlepooI. The tallest building is the former Barclays Bank, on the west side of the High Street, with Yarm Lane in the background.

41. A spectacular rail crash at Thornaby involving the locomotive on the left, and a number of North Eastern Railway waggons, under a local bridge. The crash occurred on 5 March 1907, and the postcard view was taken by Thirlwells. This particular postcard was sent from Stock ton to someone in Chicago less than a fortnight after the crash.

42. An interesting group of ladies posing for the camera in Spring Street, Thornaby, off Peel Street and close to the Victoria Recreation Ground. It is OUf good fortune that someone had the idea to gather them together for the camera. Not a man in sight! Taken about 1905.

43. A rare photograph of the Thornaby People's Mission Brass Band, taken about 1905. Their conductor - George Leason Robinson - holds his baton in the centre. He was a shearer at Whitwell's Iron Works and also gave cornet lessons. He had earlier been a drummer in the Prince of Wales Own Yorkshire Regiment.

44. A view of Clarence Street in Haverton HilI, about 1910, now just a memory of the past. The butcher's shop of J.S. Wray stands in the left foreground, and beyond is the ironmongers shop of Bazire Brothers Ltd.

45. Taken at Port Clarence Railway Station about 1910. The station staff pose for the camera in the days when th is was a busy place serving the local community. The stationmaster at that time was Mr. Christopher Corner.

46. An imposing staff group at Fletcher's grocer's shop on the Green at Billingham, taken about 1912. The shop windows display boxes of Carrs, Crawfords and Peak Frean's biscuits and packets of Quaker Oats. The business, begun in 1888, left the family's ownership in 1947. Henry Eldon Fletcher stands in the centre, with his sans William and Alfred to the immediate right ofhim. The shop was demolished in 1963.

47. A view of the semi-derelict Wolviston Mill, taken about 1910. It stood midway between the oid Norton railway station and Wolviston village. It was first built about 1430 for the Prior of Durham but was sadly demolished in the early 1970s.

48. A fine view of the old windmill at Greatham. This Brittain and Wright postcard bears the date of 1909, and the sender, who was on holiday in Greatham, teIls his friend that the mill was still used at that time to grind oats and other cereals for feeding stuffs.

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