Teesside and Old Cleveland / once more

Teesside and Old Cleveland / once more

:   Robin Cook
:   Cleveland
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-5215-0
:   144
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

Levertijd: 2 - 3 werkdagen (onder voorbehoud). Het getoonde omslag kan afwijken.


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69. Children pose by the Green in Hutton Rudby, with the Wheatsheaf Inn on the right in the distance. Carriages and covered waggons stand outside the inn, where presumably some celebration was in progress. Taken about 1905.

70. A rural scene in Stokesley outside the New Inn in Springfield. A small flock of sheep appear to be awaiting instructions - perhaps their master is inside the building? The footpath on the left is raised weIl above the level of the dirt road. The old Union Workhouse can be seen in the distance on the left.

71. A general view at Stokesley Show in 1905. The raised bandstand can be seen in the centre, with some of the instruments visible. Whilst marquees and horses remain even today, the fashions have certainly changed!

72. On the occasion of the laying of a number of commemorative foundation stones for the Primitive Methodist Church at Great Broughton on 20 May 1907. Taken on the High Street, we can again see elegant outfits, and a line of important guests standing to the rear.

73. An unusual view of the railway station at lngleby Greenhow about 1905, with the crossing gates closed to road traffic. The village lies off to the right. The station house - built in stone - is much grander than the others along the Picton to Battersby line, and was probably funded by Lord de L'Isle and Dudley, who owned lngleby Manor at that time.

74. A rather solemn occasion for the Ingleby Greenhow village band, taken about 1910, with the rhododendrons in the grounds of Ingleby Manor visible behind. The band includes Ned Co ok of Battersby on the left, Tom Blackburn and Joseph Garbutt in the eentre of the back row, Edmond Blackburn kneeling in the front row, and Richard Wood sitting on the right.

75. The Ingleby Greenhow village cricket team, in an interesting assortment of clothing, about 1910. The players include (on the left) Jack Taylor, a garden er at the Manor; also Edmond and Moss Blackburn, Medd Carpenter and Willie Davidson.

76. Taken at the ceremony to unveil and dedicate the Remembrance Cross at Ingleby Greenhow, on 10 June 1920, commemorating those who died in the Great War. The church building can be seen behind the cross on the left. Beyond the crowd lies the road to Great Broughton. The memorial was unveiled by Brigadier General T.W. Stansfield. and the dedication and address we re given by the Reverend H. Merryweather.

77. On occasions a spectacular disaster occurred on the steep ironstone railway Incline above Ingleby Greenhow, which carried the Rosedale ironstone down to Battersby and on to Teesside. Here we see the results of a runaway rake of waggons which ended up in severe disarray at the bottom of the Incline in J une 1901.

78. Taken at the top of the Incline, above Ingleby Greenhow, the winding house standing in the centre. Ironstone waggons can just be seen to the right and left of it, and three gentlemen pose for the camera, about 1905.

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