Tenby in old picture postcards

Tenby in old picture postcards

:   E. Skone
:   Pembrokeshire
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-3205-3
:   80
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

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49. MI. Shanley's iee cream cart 1930 pul1ed by one of rus ponies along the beach. Mr. Shanley was an amusement caterer in Tenby being involved in a number of enterprises in the town. He ran the Super Cinema in Warren Street and various entertainments at the South Beach Pavillion.

50. The Lawn Tennis Courts in Heywood Lane, Tenby, held an annual tennis toumament in August for a week at which some of the Wimbledon players would attend. The club was discontinued during the war. The town council eventually had to make use of the site for building homes which are now Heywood Court. The grounds were situated in the fields in Heywood Lane and were provided with pavillons. The six courts were well laid and maintained.

51. Posteard showing the De Vale nee Gardens opened in 1904 (named after William de Valenee, Earl of Pembroke). The garden was beautifully laid out with turf and tasteful1y arranged flower beds while on eaeh si de was a eovered promenade 12 feet wide surmounted by pleasant baleonies. There was also a eovered band stand and seating accommodation for five to six hundred people. Here dances were held and other entertainment.

52. Tenby Golf Club. The oldest club in Wales, formed in September 1888 with a membership of six, today it totals over 480. The building in the picture was a members' club known as the Town and Visitors Club.

53. The Town and Visitors Club photographed in the 1920s. In 1960 it became a private house and later a hair dressing salon.

54. Sunday morning parade on the Esplanade in August 1911 when Mortimer Allen would be there regular1y to photograph people coming from church. These postcards could be bought by Monday morning at his studio in the High Street.

55. The opening of St. Margarets Fair 1912 held in the streets from 31st July unti12nd August under a charter .granted in 1581 by Queen Elizabeth. Formerly it was an important gathering to which much merchandise was bought but otherwise the fair consists of shows and amusements. The fair was opened at 12 noon by the Mayor, Aldermen and Councillors attended by the Sergeants-at-Mace and the town crier.

56. Peace Thanksgiving Sunday Church Parade at St. Mary's Church on 6th July 1919. In the picture was Jasperley House, a wine and spirit store. The front of these premises was altered considerably by Messrs Boots the Chemists who carried on their business here.

57. The following three cards were taken by Mortimer Allen on the occasion of the funeral of King Edward VII. Vast crowds gathered around St. Mary's Church to pay their respects to the dead King. Many people congregated from both the town and outlying districts to watch the parade led by the police and armed forces and to attend the church service afterwards.

58. The procession led by the Mayor carrying the mace followed by the Corporation. Virtually all the women in the photograph are wearing hats, many of the men have doffed theirs to mark their respect to the town dignitaries.

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