Troon in old picture postcards

Troon in old picture postcards

:   Stewart C. Wyllie and James Wilson
:   Strathclyde
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-4890-0
:   80
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

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19. Troon Cross looking from Templehill around 1900. On the left is the two storey building with the pub, not long before its demolition. Beyond are new shops and houses above in Ayr Street. The road is still not yet tarred.

20. Troon Cross early 1880. To the right is Templehill, left is West Postland Street. The shop on the corner is Whites bakery shop.

21. Troon flood, 26th November 1912. A day to remember for the residents of Troon when due to south-westerly gales and high tides the town was flooded at a height of 2 ft at the cross. The photograph was taken by Sheriffs the chemist, whose premises were at 19! 21 Ayr Street, Troon.

22. Troon Cross 1880's. An early view of Troon Cross in 1880. The two storey building on the left hand side at the time of the photograph was a public house (Cunningham's pub). This building was knocked down around the turn of the century and replaced by the current four storey building 1902-03. To the right of this is a garden wall which was knocked down and was replaced by the current shops with flats above, commencing at number 17 Ayr Street in 1900. The back wall and roof of the Old Academy can be seen beyond the garden wall in the centre of the postcard.

POl"tJand Stl'eet, TI'0rn

23. Portland Street, Troon. View of Troon taken around 1900. This photograph also shows the railway bridge near Dodds garage and also the spire of the United Free Church which was at that time situated on the corner of Portland Street and Church Street, but was knocked down some years later and replaced with current shops and the present post office.

24. Ayr Street, Troon. Looking down Ayr Street from South Beach little has changed from 1900, with exception that the house on the left hand side of the photograph was demolished and replaced by Troon Town Hall in 1932. Troon post office was sited in Ayr Street in 1900 to 1901, being moved in 1911 to Portland Street and then in 1930 to its current site in Church Street.

25. Troon Parish Church (1900). An excellent photograph of Troon Parish Church built in 1895. The steeple at the rear of the church has since been removed as it feIl into disrepair, presumably due to the high winds and salt water damage over the years. On the left hand of the church is Marine Cottage, which was knocked down in the early 1970's to make way for new luxury flats known as Marine View Court.

Unlor;!st Club Bu"I-j"ngs and Templet>lII ïroon

26. Unionist Club buildings and Templehill, Troon, taken from West Portland Street corner in 1910. The lamp standard with the drinking well was a gas lamp and it remained at the Cross until the late 1940's before being replaced by an electric street lamp.

27. The Esplanade Troon, 1908. An excellent photograph showing the Troon bandstand which was built on the Esplanade in the early 1900's. The gentleman with the bicycle in the foreground would be unable to stand at this point now as this area of ground was lifted to proteet the town from south westerly gales which flooded Troon.

28. Tbe 'Wildwood' in doek at Troon for caulking and repairs in the 1890's. The 'Wildwood' was built in Canada in 1883 - gross tonnage 1578 - Iength 222.3, port of registration St. John, New Brunswick. She plied between Canada and Scotland on a regular basis with timber etc.

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