Troon in old picture postcards

Troon in old picture postcards

:   Stewart C. Wyllie and James Wilson
:   Strathclyde
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-4890-0
:   80
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

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Templehi├╝, Troon

29. Templehill, Troon. Templehill was the site of the Duke of Portlands Hotel, built in 1812 - known as the Portland Arms Hotel. This was also a coaching house and as it was near the harbour presumably would be used by ship owners and sea farers. Opposite the hotel was the terminal for the Troon to Kilmarnock Railway, built in 1825, first as a horsedrawn tramway and later tramcars were drawn by Stevenson's steam driven locomotive known locally as the Duke. On the right hand side of the photograph is the 'bank building' which originally housed the Union Bank of Scotland before it moved to the Unionist building at Troon Cross which is now the Bank of Scotland.

30. Lady Isle Lighthouse off Troon about 1908. A smal! house has since been built. A few ships have been wrecked in storms on the isle. For some years now Lady Isle has been a bird sanctuary, and is also home for a small colony of grey seals.

31. Miners Welfare Home at the top of Templehill around 1930. This house was onee owned by Adam Wood, a shipyard manager, and was known as Portland Villa.

32. Junction of Harbour Road and Templehill about 1905. A walled garden was later formed on the right. The road appears to be untarred, on the right is the co-operative shop, to the left The Knowe Hotel and Harbour Bar.

33. Troon Harbour, 1900. Troon Harbour from the top of Templehilllooking over the inner basin to Troon Shipyard. The inner basin at th at time was used as a logging area with a saw mill near where the current Marina Office is situated. On the right hand side are the railway line and coallanding quay, the railway line being the first in Scotland.

34. The top of Templehill around 1925, the houses were built about 1845. In the centre is the Co-op shop, to the left is the Knowe and Harbour Bar. The walled park was known as 'Momeys Park'. This was donated by Adam Wood ofPortland Villa.

'!'be "Scotia ,. in Troon Harbour

35. The 'Scotia' in Troon Harbour around 1915. The 'Scotia' was powered by sail and steam, this was the ship that took Scott to the Antartic.

36. Paddle steamer 'Juno' and tug boat the 'Troon' with many sail powered ships, in the outer harbour around 1910.

37. Postcard of the Exchange Building with a small grocers shop to the left hand side. Both these buildings were demolished in the 1930's, when the ground was taken over by Allan Wood, ship owner, who owned the adjacent building which we now knowas the Miners Welfare Home. The Exchange House was called thus as it was the information and shipping office for the port of Troon.

he Ladies' Colf House) Troon

38. The Ladies Golf Club House, Crosbie Raad, about 1900. At the top left is Piersland Lodge, to the right Landale, before the trees were planted. The white hut is Portland Golf Club House.

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