Troon in old picture postcards

Troon in old picture postcards

:   Stewart C. Wyllie and James Wilson
:   Strathclyde
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-4890-0
:   80
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

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Jroon from 80if Course

39. Troon from the Marine Hotel in 1902. In the foreground the now Royal Troon Golf Club House, behind it flats are now built (Crosbie Court). Beyond that is Crosbie Towers.

Troon. The Golf (lub House and Mar'ne Hotel.

40. Royal Troon Golf Club House around 1902. The starters box is in front of the building. On the right is the Marine Hotel which was built in the 1890's.

41. A slightly larger Municipal Club House photographed in 1922. In the foreground is Willie Fernie, club makers shop. To the left in the background is 'the Bogs Cottages', to the right the football park and beyond it the polo park. As you see there is no Willockston Road or Golf Crescent Houses.

42. Troon Municipal Golf Course around the turn of the century. The postcard mentions that this area is the 'warren'. This hole is positioned where Colonel W. Fullarton's established a large man-made warren for rabbits to ensure that Fullarton House had fresh meat throughout the year, as there were no fridges in those days. In addition the gamekeeper sold the skins for additional income. The Warren is the area behind Fullarton Drive and the dovecote was situated between the 12th and 13th hole.

43. Taken in 1910, a very small Municipal Golf Club House. To the left is the Tudor style Railway Station.


44. Troon Municipal Golf Club House 1912-1913. A view taken from Golf Crescent from the railway embankment. The roadway would appear to have been hard packed earth track. On the Harling Drive corner there is a flagpole which has disappeared over the years.

Municipa! Golf Club House and Crescent, Troon.

45. The Municipal Golf Club House 1926-1928. Troon Municipal Golf Club House and Golf Crescent with excellent detail of the golf professionals sheds. In front of the club house there are four artillery guns presumably left over from the First World War.

Cottage in Soutb Wood, Troon.

46. This must have been one of the most beautiful thatched houses built in Troon. It is at the entrance to Frognal House in the south woods and was built in 1910.

47. Marine Hotel 1895. An early photo of the Marine Hotel which has been altered on numerous occasions over the years to its now present state. The building to the left hand side was originally the staff quarters and the Marine & Bogend Garage which has now been converted into a restaurant with adjoining health centre.

48. A social event at Fullarton House in 1914. The house was built in 1745 and sadly demolished due to rot in 1966. The pillars on the left and right still remain, the court yard, stables and stores are now dwelling houses.

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