Troon in old picture postcards

Troon in old picture postcards

:   Stewart C. Wyllie and James Wilson
:   Strathclyde
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-4890-0
:   80
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

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49. The 'dove cor' to the east of the 12th tee on Lochgreen Golf Course around the turn of the century. Due to its dangerous condition it was demolished around 1960.

50. Fullarton Court Yard around 1922. On the left is a Rolls Royce with its driver MI. Brown, to the rightis a Napier, the driver was Mr. Gibson.

51. Pictured in 1897 the 'Heather House' at the entrance to Fullarton House on Isle of Pins Road. It was destroyed by fire in March 1958. The pillar seen through the gates was where the Fullartons dispensed their justice.

52. Old Row, Fullarton, Troon (1910), previously known as 'Old Causeyside', built for workers of the Fullarton estates, now known as the Isle of Pins Road.

53. Barassie around 1910. The houses in Barassie were originally built by Kilmarnock business men as summer homes for themselves and their families and at one time they had a private bowling green, but eventually their interest turned to golf. They then built Kilmarnock and Barassie Golf Club, north of the Barassie railway junction. The house on the right hand side of the photograph was known as the Towers and is now the Towers Hotel.

? .1

... ~ reen, Ten'lp.~lfhill .:

. .. "'. :.". ,

'. , .. ,..

..; 't ..?.. ~ .


:::, - ..?.



'~~ ~~~-::-_-------_~~_---------

54. Templehill from The Cross, 1905. Templehill was not only the centre of commerce and business, it was a busy shopping area and this photograph shows the Bank of Scotland building with the Unionist Halls above built in 1894-95.

Jlt,e Grose, Jroon

55. The Cross, Troon 1906. The Cross is the commercial part of the town and at the time the main thoroughfare being Templehill leading to the Harbour, which was a busy coal exporting port in the early 1800's. This is an extremely interesting postcard as you will see the Ailsa Bar is a single storey building situated where Togs Café is now. The Ailsa Bar then moved to the building on the right and is still in existence as a public house to this day.

56. Welbeek Crescent, Troon, 1910. Little has changed over eighty years - children still playing in the street with their bicycles. It is an interesting point that some of the houses on the right hand side of this photograph have two front doors. This was to allow the family to split the house into an upstairs and downstairs situation for letting to summer visitors in the hey days when Troon was one of the most popular resorts in the Clyde.


S"- Meàden's Street,


. _ ... ~.

- .

57. St. Meddans Street in 1900. Not a lot has changed, except the railings trom the front of the houses have now gone, the lamp standards are now electric, the church now has a clock,


I roon, fyr St reet.

58. Ayr Street, Troon, 1903. A summers aftemoon in Ayr Street with pedestrians, horses and earts and a young boy on a bieycle. Notiee the sun blinds out all the way along the street and the salt fish barrel on the pavement outside the fish shop.

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