Troon in old picture postcards

Troon in old picture postcards

:   Stewart C. Wyllie and James Wilson
:   Strathclyde
:   United Kingdom
:   978-90-288-4890-0
:   80
:   EUR 16.95 Incl BTW *

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59. A horse and cart passing the South Beach Hotel around about 1905.

60. Red Cross Week 1918. Outside Troon Primary (the Wee School) with local children all enjoying themselves in the back of a local carriers wagon. The old original Troon Academy being sited approximately 500 yards behind the health centre shop in Academy Streel. This was not the first school in Troon, it being in Dundonaid Road now the Marr College Gardiners House at no 97. Dundonaid Raad opened in the 1800's for the children of Troon.

61. Troon Railway Station. Troon Railway Station is an interesting building being built in 1892 in a Tudor design. This is in fact the second Troon station, the first being built in 1839 at Dundonaid Road near Marr College. The station was modernised in 1985-1987 and the railway bridge shown here was removed to increase the height for the new electric locomotives.

62. Marr College 1935. An early photo view of Marr College taken shortly after it opened, the College being built on the farm known as Wallacefield Farm. The College was gifted to the children of Troon by the late Charles Kerr Marr (bom October 1855 - died 1919). The motto ofthe College is 'Hic Patet In Geniis Campus' (this field lies open to talent). In addition large playing fields lie to the east of the College.

63. Fullarton House built in 1745. A superb view of a beautiful house which was knocked down in the 1950's as it had fallen into disrepair and at that time no-one felt it was worth saving. The court yard to the rear is still standing and has been converted into luxury mews type homes. The gate towers still remain and the garden area to the rear remains as a wen kept park for Troon residents.


64. Entrance to South Wood, Troon. A view of South Woods Road and gatehouse of Auchenkyle around 1910.


65. South Beach Hotel, South Beach, Troon, around 1900. This photograph clearly shows that the property could possibly have been two large semi-detached houses at one time beföre being altered to a hotel. This property has been modified numerous times over the years with addition of a public bar to the far right. Dining and function rooms were also added over a period of years.

66. South Beaeh Hotel, Troon, early 1900's. This is an interesting posteard, a small veranda having been built on the front of the hotel. Also in the posteard horse-drawn earts owned by the GSWR Railway Company. The hotel being only five minutes from the railway station and two minutes from the beaeh made it very popular with holidaymakers.

Mar Lodge, St. Meddaus St red. Troon

67. Marr Lodge Hotel, St. Meddans Street, Troon. The hotel was situated at the corner of St. Meddans Street and Bentinck Drive. The property was later divided into twa houses and at a later date another Marr Lodge guest house was built in South Beach. It also was later closed as a guest house in 1970 and turned into flats.

68. St. Meddans Street. St. Meddans Street was built mainly in the late 1890's with some houses near the beaeh end being built mueh earlier . This view is looking due west towards the sea and on the top left hand corner of the postcard is clearly shown the Troon Burgh coat of arms. Troon beeame a butgh in 1897 and the arms show clearly Troon's link with sea, railway and industry.

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